Monday, June 12, 2006

Dvorak Uses Mac Users: Petition To Fire John C Dvorak & Call To All Websites Not To Report His Stories

On Friday a very alarming video was posted to the internet; John C. Dvorak admitting on camera that he often made up stories just to incite Mac Users to respond and to bump up hit totals artificially.

He explains how he basically writes stories like Mad Libs, filling in inflammatory and sometimes untrue but educated statements just to be linked all around the internet.

For years, this well respected (by those who care not to really know him) reporter has defamed and in my opinion hurt Apple severely. Now he admits that he has (almost maliciously) conspired to do so.

PC Magazine should fire him immediately and I sincerely hope that this video exposes him enough to the public at large that no one will report or even comment on his news stories again. PERIOD!

I'll start a petitiononline petition soon and post here ... I hope all of you will sign it.


Anonymous said...

Either Mr. Dvorak is being video taped in Hong Kong or this might be a bad voice over.

Whatever everyone's feeling on his editorial opinion is fine, but we might want to hold off on the lynching squad for just a little bit. Who knows he might make a big blunder next week.


Middle-agedman said...

You've got to be kidding. Dvorak has been doing this for years and getting away with it.

This was not filmed in "Hong Kong" and is quite clearly not voiced over.

This was filmed at Vloggercon in San Francisco which is NOT Hong Kong for those that are geographically challenged.

Why would anyone defend Dvorak on what is primarily a Macintosh forum anyway? Its like cheering for the visting team while sitting on the home team side.

He's going down and deserves it Big Time. Its just not right or fair to pose as an expert commentator and pitch untruths to up your hit count. What would happen if he wrote for a sports magazine and to up soccer player readership posted untruths about soccer? Would Sports Illustrated put up with that for even a minute? Of course not.

Anonymous said...

Dvorak has confirmed it himself:

"Dvorak Reveals Old Formula, Panic Ensues",1895,1978729,00.asp

FYT said...

From his piece:

"... I used that formula maybe like 3 times ever"

Using it all should have been a cue for PCMAGAZINE to fire him immediately.