Monday, June 19, 2006

Cute At Apple's Expense

I gotta tell the truth ... I thought the iPODMYBABY concept was nothing short of genius, but then I have to be realistic and say I side with Apple on this

Apple Sends Cease & Desist to iPODMYBABY.COM

I hate it whenever Apple steps up to defend its intellectual property and the trolls come out of the woodwork claiming they are growing more evil by the day. The clickwheel is patented - an actual patented design at the USPTO. iPodMyBaby had their run, they sold a lot of these little suits ... they should be happy Apple isn't requesting royalties on past sales.

In an almost comical move ... iPODMYBABY.COM instantly & officially became iPOPMYBABY.COM. C'est la vie!

This lawsuit/cease & desist will be added to the Fix Your Thinking Reference Section: Your Rights, The Law, & Litigation. This section contains all known litigation Apple Computer has been involved in and is presently seeking to be resolved.


Middle-agedman said...

Actually, as I perused the comments on the mentioned news article itself, it appeared that most were on Apple's side. As they should be. I agree that this was a great idea and people are to be commended and encouraged to help Apple develop new and innovative ideas to promote iPod in a positive way.

That said, there is a right way and a wrong way to do this. There is clearly a profit to be made here and iPod or iPop My Baby wants to enjoy the benefit of using Apple's property without paying for it or going about it properly. That's just bad business and bad manners on their part. If they were using the Coke or Pepsi logo on their clothing without going through those company's licensing programs they would be out of business now, let alone getting a smack on the hand letter.

A baby clothes company wouldn't even THINK of trying to use sports team logos without risking some kind of response, so what's the deal with getting up in arms when the company that owns the third or fourth most recognizable logo IN THE WORLD wants to simply defend its rights?

And anyone that plugs "babies" into this protest is just stupid. Please. Like the babies are complaining. You could silk screen photos of roadkill on their onesies and they'd still coo for the cameras.

Let's do things right, all you brilliant idea companies out there. Ask for permission.

Anonymous said...

Has this company attended Bill Palmer's School of Naming Websites? "iPOP" my baby???? Yeah, let's build child abuse into our name to avoid paying legal fees. Smart move. They would have been better off licensing from Bill.

FYT said...

Thing is ... it is also the iPod Scroll Wheel design that is patented too!

In the example middle aged man gave - one can't even copy the "coca cola font". or the Pepsi "yinyang" - you are implying a relation. iPOPmyBABY is still implying a relation.

Anonymous said...

"prongbabies" - sounds like an enemy of the smurfs