Monday, June 19, 2006

As reported by Mac Vista

Foxconn Threatens Legal Action over ‘iPod City’ Sweatshop Claims

Foxconn Electronics, the contractor behind the now notorious Mail on Sunday story about poor working conditions in an iPod factory, has denied claims made in the report.

Describing the article as a ‘vicious attack’, Foxconn Electronics spokesman, Edmund Ding, told Digitimes that the company reserves the right to take legal action against the newspaper.

Among the discrepancies in the report, according to Ding, is the claim that one factory at Longhua employed 200,000 people who worked 15-hours a day for $50 a month. In fact, said the spokesman, Foxconn Electronics employs only 160,000 people worldwide. He also said that Foxconn abides by Chinese employment law which requires a minimum wage of $101 per month inside the Shenzhen Economic Zone and $88 outside.

Ding said that Foxconn had been making improvements to living conditions in its dormitories and had been named by the Shenzhen government as a role model among Taiwan-based investors in Shenzhen.

I knew something sounded fishy about these claims. It honestly seemed like to me that the reporter (from The UK's The Mail made the claims up. And to cite the claims without any "economics study" (US prices vs China prices) was not only irresponsible it was reprehensible. I hope Apple will help FOXCONN with litigation against The Mail.

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