Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Apple Sponsors A Car?

* Photo courtesy of The Free Mac BLOG

I didn't notice this when I went to see Cars this past weekend ... but it appears the author at the FreeMacBlog had a better eye.

Cool how the white car has the #84 on it. It appears as if this is the ONLY product placement in the whole film.

Did I foreshadow this event last July? .... Apple Should Sponsor NASCAR

Good eye!

Read The Fix Your Thinking Review of Cars here

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Middle-agedman said...

Thanks for the tip on what to watch for. This is the only white car that I can recall seeing on the racetrack, so if you know to look for a white car its pretty easy to spot.

I think its pretty cool when "Easter Eggs" like this show up in a feature film. Its a lot neater than plain old product placement (HP cough cough)

One more great reason to see CARS, the Easter Egg Apple Car!!