Monday, June 05, 2006

Apple Not Changing It's Name To Khaye Computer

As reported by MacMinute:

Apple cancels plans for Bangalore support centre

Apple has pulled away from its plans to open a technical support centre in Bangalore, India, notes Macworld UK. "Without warning, the India Times reveals Apple has engaged in a sudden about-face on its plans. It had hired its first 30 staff in April, but on May 29 announced its decision to lay-off its new employees, they are being given two months salary as severance pay," notes the story. Apple officials told them that ''the company is reevaluating its operations and has thought of pulling back its Indian operations'', the report claims. 'We have re-evaluated our plans and have decided to put our planned support centre growth in other countries," Apple spokesperson Steve Dowling told the Times.

I thought this was a bad move ... this (opening a new support center in India) was actually announced in early March of 2006 ... March 10th to be exact.

Apple Changing Its Name Khaye Computer

I think this received some mention and opposition at the last Apple shareholder meeting as well. One thing that I think separates Apple Computer from all other technology producers is their English (as a native language) call center help and customer service.

The biggest difference it makes to have an English speaking support center is ... they can joke around with you and ease your problem. Having to understand the accent and being scripted only adds to the frustration of a customer service call.

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Some relief but the trend continues.