Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Apple Gives Creative The Old One Two To Hu

As reported by iLounge:

Apple has filed a second copyright lawsuit and a U.S. trade complaint against Creative Technology, according to Channel NewsAsia. “In its latest lawsuit, Apple claims Creative is infringing three patents relating to using icons, and displaying and editing data,” reports the publication. “It is asking for cash damages and a court order to stop Creative from further breaches. At the same time, Apple wants the International Trade Commission in Washington to block imports of Creative’s music players.” Creative sued Apple last month for infringing on its “Zen Patent.” Following the company’s legal actions, Apple countersued Creative.

Creative's CEO Sim Wong Hu declared war on the iPod two years ago and his company has been hemorrhaging $$ ever since. I have also made the assertion here on this site that his company may be behind several of the "weird & hypochondriac" type "problems Apple has gotten bashed in the news for over the last year. I think that their is a secret team of people that scour the web for Creative and blow anything out of porportion concerning Apple they can.

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