Thursday, May 18, 2006

ZMAX: Save Z Money So You Can Buy Z Mac

In case you haven't noticed ... I don't advertise the typical things that Apple themed Mac News websites advertise. Instead I promote products that I use on a daily basis that have an Apple, Mac, Jack theme or name.

I don't whore these products shamelessly ... I essentially use the affiliate income to pay for research and hosting costs of the articles I post here. I actually use or admire all of the things you see in the sidebar to the right.

Recently, I noticed an engine knocking noise in my car ... I went to Pep Boys and got a ZMAX kit ... fuel and engine "lubricant". I poured them in and the noise stopped. I had used ZMAX before and noticed a measureable increase in my gas mileage - about 4-5 miles per gallon. So, I figured that I would also spend the extra bucks to offset high gas prices.

Well, I had also had an oil change recently from Walmart ... while I was pouring the ZMAX into my engine ... I noticed MY OIL FILTER. I had changed my oil myself the last time I needed it. I took my car back to Walmart Automotive and they informed me I had NO OIL in the engine (I was 4 quarts low) and that the previous technician had drained my oil and put my old filter back on and (cough cough) just forgot to put more oil back into it.

Luckily, I had put the ZMAX in before and again just that day. The Auto Shop supervisor said without that I would have most likely thrown a rod!

Needless to say ... I believe strongly in this product and it truly does give you about 7% to 11% better gas mileage. Which is a good thing ... if you didn't know, most gas stations are mixing higher concentrations of Ethanol into their gas ... Ethanol only delivers about 85% of the mileage and power of normal gasoline. So ... many of us are getting lower gas mileage by default ... ZMAX boosts that back to optimum.




Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's just best to get things done outside of a big box sell-everything chain store (Walmart/Sam's Club/etc). Especially for something as specialized as automotive care.

I'm forgetting at the moment, but I believe I get my oil changed at Valvoline Instant Oil Change. I then use a good local mechanic for other car-related things.

FYT said...

Agreed ... but I always get the premium service (synthetic oil, premium oil filter) ... I would say 5 out the last 8 oil changes I have done it myself.

Ya know ... you're in Walmart ... you're gonna be there an hour or so ... you don't have too much time ... you think I'll just get it changed here.