Wednesday, May 31, 2006

What A Bunch Of Stool?

Woman claims Apple Store is unfriendly for not letting her child drag a stool from the genius bar to sit down at the laptop area

* link credit to Daring Fireball

An excerpt:

That was the experience my soon-to-be-six son had at the Annapolis Apple Store Saturday, prompting me to pop on the Internet after the kids were tucked in to see if the way my son was treated is Apple policy or if the employee who afflicted my son was just a -- pun alert -- bad apple. A bad seed. Rotten to the core.

Afflicted? They told her he couldn't do it ... that's it.

The immediate thing that came to my mind is the bumper sticker:

"My son is an honor student at Random Junior High"

I of course love this bumper sticker:

"My son can beat up your honor's student"

They are lucky I wasn't the genius bar employee and had a belt on. What a crock!!!

Another exerpt for your entertainment, that at face value seems nothing short of scandalous:

So, what to do? Being a wonk, my first thought was to check the Public Accommodation Provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act. I read them, and we may have a case (I did not go to the trouble of looking for relevant case law; if we get to that point, we'll hire an expert attorney). Our son is notably shorter than a typical boy his age. A musculoskeletal disability under Sec.36.104?

This comes from a BLOG on The National Center For Public Policy Research Website. This website (and host organization) seem to be nothing more than an entity that twists, perverts, and exploits laws and case law.

[UPDATE] I found an interesting tidbit on The National Center For Public Policy Research - these people make republicans and conservatives look really bad ...or ... really worse depending on your point of view and political affiliation.

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Anonymous said...

"I had a terrible Apple Store experience today... I attempted to take my well-behaved kitten in after it convinced me to buy a new MacBook Pro instead of a scratch post, and when I put the litter box on a stool next to the counter, the staff started giving me trouble! What the hell is that, as you can see the MacBook Pro is an excellent learning tool for kittens!"


Referring also to this video:
Kitten + MacBook Pro