Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A Way To Get At Least $25 Off The Price Of A MacBook!

Wanna way to get $25 off a MacBook and $50 off of a MacBook Pro?

I don't get any affiliate income from this so know that first of all. A website called MYpoints Rewards is an email program that I have used for 3 years now. They added the Apple Store sometime at the end of 2004 and I have since gotten almost $1200 back from the program.

This isn't some gimmicky "Free iPod Program" and it also isn't a promotion that makes you trade personal information and massive amounts of emails for a few bucks.

Here's how it works.

1) You go to the MYpoints Rewards website

2) You fill in a couple of things you like.

3) MYpoints will then send you emails on a daily basis ... based on what you like. You get bonus points for responding to different email offers.

4) You get 5 points for each email you read and then click-through to the sponsor's site. You are not obligated to buy, just obligated to let the sponsor site FULLY LOAD.

5) MYpoints has a TON of online stores that I use regularly that combine with OTHER offers seamlessly. One good example is Office Depot. Not only can you use your Office Depot Rewards card and regular coupons, but you can get 5 & 10 points per dollar spent. This is probably the most rewarding of the offers. I can buy things that are on sale or have rebates for really low prices, get my Office Depot Advantage Reward, and get MYpoints.

Ongoing Promotion

6) Each time you want to buy something online ... you go to the MYpoints website and click on the appropriate link. MYPoints will mask the site and keep track of what you buy ... in 15-30 days MYPoints credits you with the appropriate points.

If I buy $200 from Office Depot, use a $25 off $200 coupon, get 5% back from my Advantage Rewards (yeilding $9) usually combining that with rebates, and then on top of all of that ... getting 5 points per dollar (yielding 875 my points) + 1500 MYpoints bonus. I end up paying around $65 for $200 worth of merchandise.

MYpoints also affiliates with the Apple Store. The Apple Store yields you 2 points per dollar spent. This is the ONLY way I know of to get a regular discount at the Apple Store. Buying a MacBook for $1500 for instance would get you 3000+ MYpoints points. 3250 bonus points = a $25 gift certificate (which couldn't be simpler to redeem) at just about any merchant or restaurant you can think of.

MYpoints sends you (on average) 3 emails every day ... this is the equivalent to 15 points per day (free)

$25 off something at the Apple Store may not sound like a lot. But ... if you get into a routine and use MYpoints for EVERYTHING you buy on the internet (even eBay is a MYpoints affiliate) then you can rack up points very quickly.

You can also apply for a MYpoints VISA that gives you 2 points per dollar. If you buy using your MYpoints VISA and the Apple Store affiliate, you can earn 4 points per dollar spent at the Apple Store ... basically yielding $50 off your purchase of the average computer.

* MYpoints also applies to Apple's clearance section

One of the things I like about MYpoints is that they don't share your personal information and they don't overburden you with offer emails.

If you need more help understanding how MYpoints works ... post to the comments and I will try to help. You can also visit:

MYPoints Help Pages

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