Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Way The Big Guys Do It ...

Ya know ... it REALLY bothers me the way that the "big websites" report news about Apple sometimes. It seems that 99% of the news that contains the words "Apple Legal" in it, instantly has a controversy about how Apple is turning into Big Brother or something.

Take this set of headlines for instance:

* pulled from MacSurfer's Headline News

Thing is ... hardly anyone reported the actual reason Apple sent this cease and desist. The reason they used and the reason they implied are obvious.

The Background:

Apple's legal department issued a cease and desist notice to the webmaster of the Web site Something Awful, insisting that he remove a link to a MacBook Pro service manual posted by a forum member.

The reason Apple sent the cease and decist letter is because they didn't want people taking their MacBook Pros apart while still under warranty and also didn't want a flood of hypochondriacs calling into support or flooding the "Genius Bars" at Apple Stores. This seems to be a relatively isolated problem ... I think Apple needs to address it as quickly as possible.

But what "the public" has to understand about Mac Users (almost as a disclaimer in all news like this) is that they are ten times more likely to complain and ten times more vocal than the average customer. Yet still, even with a more vocal crowd, Apple leads in customer service and low return/defect rate.

Also, the forum member who posted this Apple service manual has broken contract terms with Apple for being an authorized Apple repair specialist - the only ones privy to Apple Service manuals (even though they can be found easily with Google searches)

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