Monday, May 08, 2006

An Update Here ... an update there

Just in case you didn't catch it:

The Beatles Apple Corps Records lost its battle against Apple Computer for use of the Apple name in conjunction with the iTunes Music Store.

This was such an obvious case ... I really don't see why it wasn't thrown out.

Read the full story from the first site I could find that reported it:

UK Times Online

Read more:

Sun Should Be Sued By Sun

The Wording Of The Ruling

Regular readers have been updated on this story throughout the course of litigation and case discovery through incremental story updates.


iProng officially went official today

Read more:

Was iPRONG.COM tested with site filtering software

iProng ... the iLong Lie Of A Name Change At iPodGarage!


Mission Impossible III did very poorly at the box office. Only $48 million. After reviews and recommendations surface ... I doubt it passes $150 million total take ... making it a $100 million dollar money loser.

Read more:

Mission Impossible III: Tom Cruise's 1st Movie Without A Mac Or A Plot


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