Monday, May 01, 2006

This BLOG outreports CNN ...

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You read right and I've said this a few times before ... except this time it's hard to understand the reason why this article is floating in the AP syndication today. It's almost like someone (or some group of people) is trying desperately to tarnish Apple's image.

If you want my honest opinion ... it is really a conspiracy between people of influence that Apple has taken issue with recently. I actually don't put this past the EFF attorneys ... as a diversion technique.

Read a poorly written CNN story about Macs getting viruses that is so two months ago.

Viruses Catch Up To The Mac

Note that the guy in the picture isn't even on a Mac Laptop ... looks like a Dell.

Then come back and read what I wrote on it way back when:

Rumor Has It The 1st Mac Virus Is In Town * Posted Feb 16 2006

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Anonymous said...

I think is the one trying to 'catch up' on things, haha.

This is a 2 month-old topic that was already discussed and clarified to death everywhere else on the web.

Mac security is still relevant, but this CNN article is barely.