Friday, May 05, 2006

A Story About An Apple Tree ...

If you've ever taken the time to review the right hand side bar ... you'll notice that this website advertises a rather different selection of items than most Mac websites.

I only advertise products that I believe in, that I use on a daily basis, and would recommend to anyone. They are more thematic to this website and kind of play on the Google ADsense way of listing advertisements.

So why don't I just use ADsense? The best answer is that I can't control the content and I would never want to direct you to a site or to a product I didn't believe in.

So ... do I make any money off of the ads? The answer is, "Yes and no". "Making money" is a relative term ... in the 2 years this BLOG has been active ... I have received approximately $250 in affiliate revenue from AMAZON.COM links. I would love to make more, but the purpose of this website isn't a money making venture. I see it as a ... "MY GIFT TO YOU" kind of thing. In fact, I see this website much like the The Giving Tree

Check out this great children's book by Shel Silverstein and see what I mean.

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