Thursday, May 04, 2006

"Silent Recalls"

Several websites are reporting on two recent "silent recalls" made by Apple over the past two weeks. I'm posting this more as an FYI than anything:

As reported by MacRumors:

Christopher Price from reports that Apple is replacing early Macbook Pro batteries (serial numbers up to W8608) that are experiencing multiple failures.

Symptoms of battery failure include battery cutting off power to the system at very early stages, sporadic ampere hour reporting (coconutBattery), and the battery failing to respond when pressing the charging status button (after being charged and only slightly drained).

Early Macbook Pros have been plagued with numerous issues (flickering, whining, heat). Recently, users at posted a link to an Apple Service Manual that showed that Apple was instructing its service technicians to misapply thermal grease on heatsinks. Indeed, the user reported that opening up the Macbook and re-applying the proper amount of thermal grease resulted in a dramatic drop in operating temperature.


Summer 2004 1.25 Ghz eMac's also seem to be having hardware issues:

A significant number of 1.25 Ghz eMac users are suffering from logic board breakdowns that cause video to become distorted. Although Apple's included diagnostic utilities indicate that all hardware is operating normally, opening up the machines reveals bulging and cracked capacitors.

Most of the issues are occurring out of the eMac's 1-year standard warranty, and Apple has yet to set up any sort of extended repair service (although some are having limited success getting their machines repaired for free by noting the Apple discussion thread).

As for the MacBook Pro ... just remember ... if things are mission critical ... never go for a first generation model of ANYTHING from ANY manufacturer. While Apple rarely has problems ... generally problems occur with first generation hardware. The Intel Macs represented far too much of a technology change and not enough of a software and technical support "fill" to warrant the purchase.

As for the eMac ... one of the things I have noticed about the eMac is that the fan can really get dirty easily causing it to slow or malfunction. Keeping the vents cleaned with compressed air certainly should help as the issues mentioned above seem to be a heat flow issue.

See this section for all known Apple related recalls and safety warning:

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