Friday, May 19, 2006

The Semantics Of Symantec

Regular Mac News followers are aware of Symantec's quarterly push to sell Mac Virus Software by releasing some bogus press release about the plethora of security holes and viruses that abound for the Mac platform.

Well ... now it seems at least they are being fair and picking on the other guys for a change.

As reported by SlashDot:

Symantec filed a lawsuit against Microsoft over patents on the volume management technology in Vista. They're seeking an injunction to stop Vista from being sold until the suit is completed. Given the recent Supreme Court ruling it should be interesting to see if the injunction is granted, since Symantec does produce software which uses the patent. If it is granted, expect MS to settle to prevent another Vista delay.

My opinion is that litigation like this will only increase the closer Vista gets towards its release date. Vista is going to have much tighter security and network protection ... I would imagine the virus software companies are getting a little worried about their pocket books.

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