Thursday, May 18, 2006

Recording Phone Calls: The Work Around

One of the most hit sections on FIXYOURTHINKING is the Recording Phone Calls Laws State By State reference section.

This section details your rights on a state to state basis of recording phone calls. You should ALWAYS consider looking at these laws and USING A RECORDING for any business deal, verbal contract, or complaint resolution that you make by telephone.

Note, although you should clarify with an attorney, you can side step these laws by using AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo Instant Messenger, or Skype ... as these INSTANT MESSAGE services are considered data and willfull and consensual conversation and not private voice. Basically, the courts look at it like this ... the person has agreed to an instant message so therefore agreed to have the data stored potentially by their ISP.

* It is VERY important that you clarify any wiretapping, recording, or personal investigation method with an attorney BEFORE you do it

Yesterday, eCamm released:

eCamm Network releases Call Recorder for Skype

eCamm Network today announced the release of Call Recorder for Skype, a new plug-in that allows Mac Skype users to automatically record and save their Skype calls. Call Recorder also allows for users to start and stop recording at any time using simple onscreen controls. "Utilizing Core Audio, and QuickTime's support for the AAC encoding format, Call Recorder can create reasonably small files that provide high quality audio," says Ken Aspeslagh, eCamm Network's multimedia chief. "Calls are saved as QuickTime files with a separate audio track for each side of the conversation. This makes podcast post-production much easier." Call Recorder for Skype is priced at US$14.95.

(Currently they are running a special for $12.95)

You could also perform the same function with a program called Audio Hijack ... the new program from eCamm just simplifies and unifies the process of recording Skype phone calls.

Also take note that eBay recently bought Skype and is offering FREE skypeOUT calls for anyone that has a Skype account for calls in the Domestic 48 US States. This is an awesome deal. This means you can call land line telephones for free.

I use Skype often to locate my cellphone ... just call it from my computer and follow the ring.

You can download Skype for free from WWW.SKYPE.COM

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