Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Mad Lib News Day

Last night on TV, I saw the new _______________. I couldn't tell what

the ________________ were for till the end. Only 1 of them was even

mildly _______________. Why doesn't ______________ ever use

actual product and actual features of their products? And have you

ever thought that no one except ______________ users even know

that the commercials they put out are from ______________?

By the end of the commercial .... I think people think the company

name is actually __________________, don't you?

See the __________________ here :-)
* click on the blank


Middle-agedman said...

I've got to vehemently disagree with your assessment of the Apple ad. Both of the ads are really appealling and catchy. I particularly liked the emphasis on the fact that iLife is such a killer deal that is typically not emphasized enough. The PC guy saying "I've got apps . . ." was hilarious.

Apple needs to capitalize on the point they made in this ad: if you like the iPod, you'll like the Mac for the same reasons.

This ad also ads some nostalgia and kind of pokes fun at the common stereotypes that the PC and Mac have been saddled with over the years. These ads are really great and its good to see that Apple is touting its software rather than its hardware.

Now go see Seabiscuit.

FYT said...

I think the ads are funny ... but they only appeal to techies ... you'd be surprised at how many people don't know Apple computer exists or think they are an insignificant player in the computer world ... and worse myth ... not in business any more.

The iMac looks like a TV ... a certain percentage don't even know that it's computer. Albeit ... out of touch people.