Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Laptop That Finally Unseats The King

I have waited and waited and waited for Apple to release a laptop that could finally unseat the king of all laptops ... the PowerBook Pismo. I have also longed for another black (and durable) laptop.

Today ... Apple introduced the MacBook (replaces the iBook G4) in white and black. It has an integrated iSight Camera. It's got great performance specs and looks like a teriffic screen. I'm impressed.

The geat thing about this is that Apple has essentially released a 2.0 version of the MacBook Pro. I would be almost certain that Apple took the time to really hone this laptop before it's introduction. This may be the first time that I bite the bullet and get a revison 1 of anything!

I still will miss the amazing expandability and upgradeability of the Pismo (including a PC card slot) but this laptop is nothing short of a successor for sure.

[UPDATE] After physically touching a Macbook Black ... I learned that the RAM and Hard Drive are the easiest to upgrade of any Mac EVER -- taking less than 3 minutes to do either with few screws and no case removal. Did Apple pay attention to my article on Steve Jobs from March?


Anonymous said...

Some of my friends were interested in Mac laptops, but don't like white (and don't want to pay Powerbook/MBP prices just to get a silver one). And like when they finally came out with black iPods, this is a really smart move (although the big extra $ charge is controversial).

Some people will compare the black Macbook to PC laptops, but Apple's laptop design was what was ripped off in the first place, so it's a non-issue to me. I think offering a little more choice is a good thing. Also, the new keyboard design looks really interesting...I can't wait to try typing on one at the nearby CompUSA.

I'm happy that you're excited about the new 'books, but you should probably just wait a revision.

Anonymous said...

Some interesting details emerge...