Monday, May 22, 2006

Kim Is Dim When It Comes To The Mac: All About Radio Talk Host Kim Komando

I've been meaning to post something on this topic for some time, but this past weekend really merited an awareness to Kim Komando.


Thank you for your interest in finding Kim on the air.

Kim's site is optimized to work with Internet Explorer 6, Netscape 7 and AOL. On the Mac, the site works with Netscape 7 and AOL.

If you use Opera, WebTV (or older versions of Netscape), please use this form.

What technology guru refers to Netscape any more? Sure, it's still a browser, but Firefox has become the "name of choice" for alternate browsers to Safari for the Mac. The site, WWW.KOMANDO.COM seems to have no problems working with Safari. Something close to 75% of all Mac Users use Safari.

Does the Komando website look like a modern, cool website that was designed by a true "tech head" to you? What's the message? Is it: Here's information and help or here's some ads to make me money?

She stated on air this past weekend that Apple confirmed the iPhone. Did they? I didn't see that news.

Commonly, she just regurgitates AP News tech stories headlines with little insight or explanation.

Whenever she mentions quality MP3 players ... she either doesn't mention the iPod, puts the iPod down, or says that the iPod doesn't work with the majority of the online music stores. When she does mention the iPod, she throws a caveat into the sentence ... "but the iTunes Music store is the only music store compatible with iPod." (All in her heavy northern accent overemphasizing every "A" and "i".)

When Apple introduced the latest version of iTunes that had "similar song recommendations" built in ... there was a small controversy about Apple keeping track of your listening habits without permission. This was a major topic discussed on The Kim Komando Show ... a whole half hour was dedicated to discussing it. It made you wonder if Kim Komando's allegiance is for sale from Apple competitors.

The real reason Kim Komando doesn't talk about Apple, doesnt mention iPods, and doesn't mention Safari is because she's been bought. Just look at the graphic above or visit her site. Where's the substance? It's all advertisements. She only recommends who pays her, not necessarily what a good PC tech would tell you or use themselves.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself (if a guy):

"Wow, she's playboy worthy"

Well, the reality is ... this is a recent picture of Kim Komando:

All I can say is if I found Kim Komando on MATCH.COM (an online personals website) ... I would be pretty disappointed if the "pretty picture" was on the profile ... and the "not so pretty picture" showed up for our date. She builds her reputation less on computer knowledge and more on "nerd men" calling in to get a chance to talk to a hot blonde. Maybe this will dispell some of those fantasies.

To be fair to Komando, she's in a pickle when it comes to talking about Macs. I know that TechTV mentioned very little about Apple Computer, but when they did ... there was a backlash that they mentioned it too much.

Why can't there just be a show where the host treats Apple products and Windows based PCs in a 50/50 manner? I realize that Macs do not constitute 50% marketshare, but when a customer calls in with a question ... I can guaranty that there are both kinds of listeners or viewers in the audience ... and both want the answer catered to them.


Anonymous said...

Kim Komando is a tool. Although, getting on her for her looks is a bit much. Not every woman looks like a million bucks all the time. Although, if I were speaking in a public forum, I'd try to look my best. Maybe she was trying to tone it done to be taken a little more seriously.

But her show is little more than forum for retarded Windows users who would rather call a radio station, wait on hold for nearly an hour to ask a question from a ditzy Microsoft shill.

FYT said...

You can tell that "most guys" calling in are sweaty palmed, overweight computer geeks (or wannabe's) only calling to talk to the self proclaimed, "Digital Goddess".

Point is ... the picture on her website was taken a really long time ago and is definitely photoshopped and shot at Glamour Shots. She is semi attractive ... although I'm not much of a fan of the Helen Hunt look.

Anonymous said...

A Yahoo reader called up because he was concerned that the Yahoo News was coming from a different address than he was used to.

Komando told him he had a virus, and that he might need to wipe his hard drive.

Because Yahoo changed the name of one of its news servers.

The (alleged) woman is a moron.

Anonymous said...

This woman is as dumb as she looks. I know this because she used to call a friend fo mine to ask real stupid questions in the early 90's when she first started her talkshow here in PHX. My friend was one of those techy geeks that couldn't get a woman to notice him even if he paid her, so he was like a little puppy dog.
She is a true blonde, and I hope someday that someone pulls a nice prank on her, although she can do enough damage to herself by giving advice.

FYT said...

There doesn't seem to be a big enough website that will expose her for her "bad advice" and seemingly "for sale sign wearing". I wish more Mac websites would point out her obvious negative bias towards Macs.

Anonymous said...

Yea, it's pretty sad that she obviously learned her stuff with Windows 98 and parlayed her looks into a career - it's a woman who's not totally unattractive who can talk about computers!

But she pretty much reached her Pc skills skills peak in 2001. If you do a search on the articles she's done on the Mac - they pretty much rely on hearsay, FUD and whatever she hears. She repeats things like Macs are expensive and there's no software - that's pretty much the extent of her "research," she is like Enderle, Dvorak and others - they are in the 50's and spent 20 years in the Pc business - and now they are just tired and bored to really learn more so they basically just reply on whatever they learned up to Win98 and just repeat whatever - the money is good - hey, why try harder. They are experts on buggy's except most of us are in cars right now but they won't let go.

Anonymous said...

That's pretty low to be jumping on her looks like that.

Why don't you post your own picture so we can all critique it?

FYT said...

I'm on hotornot and get 8.5 ... thanks.

Anonymous said...

That first photo is false advertising. haha.

Anonymous said...

"Why don't you post your own picture so we can all critique it?"

He's already posted photos and linked to profiles with photos before. I'm sure you could find one in about 2 seconds.

FYT said...

Yeah ... he has ^ (wink wink)