Thursday, May 18, 2006

Getting To Know Me ...

Typically, I find myself on the Conservative Republican side of the fence politically, but on some issues I am Middle Of The Road.

For instance:

In cases of abortion ... personally I am against it, but I do believe it should be a relatively unrestricted personal choice.

I think abortions should be limited to within 6 weeks of pregnancy, never granted in the case of gender selection, and never granted under any circumstance as a third abortion to any one individual.

I am also against the average Abortion Clinic Protester ... why? Because of the display of pictures like this:

This is no different than pornography. Would a community be up in arms if pictures of completely naked women were held outside a strip club in protest ... sure.

The definition for pornography is: creative activity (writing or pictures or films etc.) of no literary or artistic value other than to stimulate or shock the senses. (usually in sexual manner)

To an abortion protester ... this is an image they admire because it shocks and they enjoy the reaction it receives because it hits home a point. The truth is, most abortions are done very clinically clean. I'm sure things like this picture portrays happen, but it's not necessary to get a message across.

Definitely this view isn't popular amongst Conservative circles.

As I expand the scope of this website ... I want to try to differ myself from other blogs and tech news sites in that you get to know me better. If you understand the general flow of thoughts in my head and the way I communicate, it may clarify other topics for you. Regular readers will be able to complete thoughts that I may put down that might not be as coherent to the "once in whiles".

Every now and then ... I plan to talk a bit about political issues ... I promise I won't make this into a soap box and certainly no political opinion will be supressed. I ask you to join the debate and participate. I'm always open to topical discussion here.

If you don't normally comment here ... take the time on this article to give me your thoughts on this subject ... be anonymous ... I'd love to hear what you have to say about the most Taboo of all political issues.

Look through the archives on a rainy day ... there's some good stuff here!


Anonymous said...

Whoa, nice image to see just after eating my dinner - you almost made me throw up.....

Pro lifers are happy to kill doctors who provide abortiions - obviously not that pro life.....

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about this very subject the other night. My feeling is that both political parties are completely hypocritical when it comes to this matter and the death penalty. The Republicans are generally for the death penalty and against abortion and the Dems the complete opposite. I mean if your going to be for killing criminals, how can you be for bringing unwanted (and studies have proven typicly most likely to become criminals) children into the world.

Anonymous said...

That last comment was absolutely assinine. I hardly would put criminals in the same category as an innocent unborn child. You should not be punished for a crime that you have not even commited! We do not live in a society like the movie "Minority Report"! Putting a criminal to death is a far cry from putting an as you put it an "unwanted" child (unwanted by who the mother?)to death. That is the problem with people they cannot see the big picture and are too narrow minded to see that there is a difference.

Anonymous said...

I have heard (don't know how true it is) that some of these pictures that protestors display are not necessarily just photographs. I have also heard and again don't know if its true, that abortions of this nature are very rare and not done very often.

Does anyone know any more about the above? I would like to get some clarity on this issue.

I think that what I would really like to change about the whole abortion issue is the casual view that I think is too prevalent in society. That view is that abortion is a logical choice or an easy way out of an unwanted pregnancy.

"Back in the day" getting pregnant out of wedlock was a really big deal. While I don't think that a woman that gets pregnant out of wedlock deserves to get treated badly, I do think that it should be more frowned upon then it is. It shouldn't get the casual attitude that it does in today's society.

Most out-of-wedlock pregancies end up being problems not only for those involved, but for society as well. These put more young women into the welfare system than probably anything else and because these children are typically not raised with two parents they DO often create problems of various magnitudes for society in general.

I think that if going full-term with a pregnancy were an inevitability, more girls would think twice about having sex out of wedlock. Therefore, while I think there are times when abortion is a necessity, those should be the exceptions rather than the rule and no one should be getting wealthy or profitting by performing them.

FYT said...

well ... it is true that abortions of the nature pictured don't happen often ... but happening once is too much in the pictoral case ... point is ... I don't need to see it ... it is abortion porn and completely unnecessary.

Abortion protests are common in my town ... every Saturday morning as I head to the local flea market I have to drive by my town's ONLY clinic ... there is ironically (but strategically) a church across the street. The clinic is on a large piece of property and is a relatively nice building, it too is strategically landscaped so there's not much room to stand, even at the street. By law, protesters have to be on a sidewalk or at least 15 feet from the front door and cannot harass patrons of a business. These protesters have no sidewalk and practically stand in the entrance ... there's little room for them on the streetside. I won't say that I try to hit them with my car, but I certainly don't move my car to the center of the road as I drive by. The "abortion porn" pic that I displayed in the article is prominently blown up to 40x60 out on the street. Like Roget, usually I have just eaten ... makes me feel queezy in the stomach until it leaves my mind.

Anonymous said...

The question that is always asked by the pro abortion camp, where are the rights of the woman who has been raped and finds herself pregnant?

Is she expected to go through 9 months of pregnancy being reminded every minute of every day that she is carrying the result of her violent and unasked for rape?

Then, if the option of aborting the fetus is not available she then has to give birth to the child of the rapist.

And what about the young girl, abused by a man, made pregnant by a man, forced to have the child by people who follow blindly the word of man, one man whose existence came about by a miracle conception? Total bollocks.

And who exactly are the majority of people who are behind the demand that abortion is not a choice? Men by any chance?
Are the religious leaders also not mainly men?

Next time you drive by your clinic, count how many men are whipping up the oh-so obedient women, who know their place and would not dare question the laws of MAN.

Freedom of choice - have the child of the rapist, abuser, ex partner if you WANT to, but do not force others to follow YOUR choice......

Anonymous said...

...and just so you don't think these are the rants of a woman, I am a man.......

In Russet Shadows said...

Let's get a few things straight, shall we?

1) Murder is not the same thing as killing. To murder is to deprive an innocent human being of life.

2) Murderers have taken innocent life. They are guilty and have forfeited their right to life by murdering. For the state to execute a guilty man is not the same thing as slaughtering the innocent. The guilty man has had a verdict, and a trial by his peers.

3) The fact that you can forget what you have seen means that the image is simply not graphic enough. And with 20 million children dead (at least), one picture is insufficent. The problem is much larger, much worse, and much more horrific than many people can even comprehend. So they avert their eyes; they sleep for a while; they busy themselves with other distractions and rail about problems far away when the horror lurks on their doorsteps. The blood of the innocent floods the streets and we all slumber on.

4) When you can't argue the point of your position, then turn the old lie that only docile and subservient women are pro-lifers. You can really only say this if you do not know any female pro-lifers! *laughing uproariously* Fact is, most men are pro-choice, because they view children as an inconvienient byproduct of their sexual liasons. Most rapes result in miscarriages; for those which do not, two wrongs do not make a right. Murder added to rape puts a high strain on the feminine soul -- read some accounts of the mental torture and guilt women go through after the abortion.

5) The reason why abortion is legal is based upon a whole tangled mess of lies. Go check out the original Jane Doe and see what she's up to, today. Go find out what her lawyers admitted to -- that the epidemic of back-alley abortions was a lie. Murder, lies, and willful ignorance. No sin exists in isolation.

FYT said...

Thanks for the gender clarification Roget Just kidding you.

And thanks for your opinions too Russet ... I believe pretty much the same thing ... and i know a lot of Pro Life women who aren't subserviant Stepfords.

I'm getting a little flack on a local level for going offtopic on my blog here and trying to discuss a taboo topic ... the point is ... part of life is knowing where you stand and how to deal with any situation. This site is more about education than editorial. I try to incite readers here to think. We don't have to talk Apple and eBay and movies all the time do we?

I do agree however that certain abortions should be allowed. That said, I think it should follow the guidelines I mentioned in the article.

Just to note:

Rape, Incest, Harm To Mother abortions are less than 7% of all abortions performed.

Abortion, has in the modern age, become the irresponsible and selfish in society's method of birth control.

Statistics also show 2 or more abortions are common with 40% of those that get them.

I think counseling should be mandatory.

As for the pics ... the pic you saw in my post is REAL ... but it was taken in the 70's.

Back alley abortions are done, but I think only so because of the "abortion protester" mantra and the restrictions. I think if Roe vs Wade were overturned and a new set of restrictions were in place we would see almost zero cases like this and have less abortions. Not because we are limiting choice ... but because we are expanding options for those wishing to get an abortion.

Anonymous said...

So, make abortion illegal.

Drive the clinics underground, drive the women who don't want, for whatever reason, a child into the hands of people making money from their situation.
Make them seek out back street abortionists and possibly put themselves at risk of death through dodgy practice.

The reason abortion is legal is because as a civilised society you should recognise the freedom of choice of the individual to do with their body as they please. remove that choice and you are no better than the countries around the world who treat women as second class citizens.

Lets all turn the clocks back a couple of hundred years.

"The blood of the innocent floods the streets and we all slumber on."

Don't make me laugh........

FYT said...

This is a hard topic to discuss I know ... let's try to debate not anger.

Anonymous said...

I personally could not have an abortion and yes, I have been in that situation. I chose adoption. However, I think it needs to be a legal choice. I wouldn't want any female in my family going to some back alley to get an abortion if she made that decision. It should be up to the individual and not the government.

Anonymous said...

After Texas passed a law that required parental approval for girls under 18 to get an abortion, there was a massive increase in second trimester abortions. This was due to girls that had gotten pregnant after they turned 17-1/2 waiting until they were 18 to have abortions.

I am against abortion, but I believe they need to be legal until there are enough scientific and educational advanced so that there are no more unwanted pregnancies.

Anonymous said...

The age of consent in many states is 16 (Texas it is 17) so how is it legal for a 16 yr old to have sex, but needs parental consent until 18 to have an abortion.

Screwy laws......

FYT said...

Good point ... this is honestly why there may need to be a constitutional amendment that replaces and enhances freedoms and restrictions in Roe vs Wade

Anonymous said...

I agree with whispers. For me, abortion is wrong, but we should set better guidlines as to who gets them and when.
I know a girl who has had three. Just within the last year or so. Justify to me, how it is that she can legally kill three babies because she is not responsible enough to use a condom.
Parcial death abortions are still going on today. They give birth partially, kill the baby, and then deliver it the rest of the way. Why isn't this considered murder?
And yes, I am a woman, who is pro life. And I do have three beautiful blessings I can call my own.