Monday, May 08, 2006

The Continuing Saga Of As The Apple Turns

Interesting ... so now we have 4 more milestones in the strange drama that has become As The Apple Turns:

First, and most strange is ... last night I received a "semi anonymous" email pointing me to an "As The Apple Turns 2" website ... which is claiming to pick up where Jack Miller left off. I'm not so sure about the content ... which seems to me like trademark and copyright infringement ... but the site is claiming to be a parody (and satire) of ATAT ... so maybe the author can get by with a fair use claim.

Second ... looks like I'm going to have to send the ATAT forums a cease & desist letter from my attorney ... the forums there have turned into the moderator spreading very threatening and malicious comments about me and this website. (Not to mention that he seems to have sent minions here to post random "HATE YOU" comments throughout the site.) [deleted]

Third ... another day, another hope that Jack Miller would post has passed. Last week I received an email that could not be verified. Both you (my readers) and I think it's bogus since the comment could not be google, yahoo, or searched or found.

Four ... now The Unofficial Apple Weblog and Wired have done stories asking where Jack is ... this site is STILL the only source that has found anything remotely close to "something on Jack Miller"

Here was the "hope" from that email (but I recommend reading the entire post and all the comments)

A little legwork with Google reveals that Jack Miller is alive, well, and moving onto other things. I'm not going to post a URL here, figuring that he'd be found if he wanted to be found, but here's a suitably Milleresque excerpt:

"Still ducking fans of my old web site, and this week things took a turn for the positively surreal: another web site actually posted an article on how I've been missing in action for five months and they put a call out for everyone to try to find out if I'm actually still alive or whatever. Which means that I've been deluged in email from people literally all over the world, and people have even called the house after pulling phone numbers from domain registration records. Thank heaven for caller ID; screen call, delete message, lather, rinse, repeat. I have a half-assed plan to write something explaining that I am, in fact, still alive (in some sense) and posting it over this weekend, but then again I've been planning to do that since last weekend and so far nothing, so who knows?"

One of the things I'd like to point out about this is ... if this "recent comment" (above) was actually made by Jack Miller ... then why did he say 5 months ... it's been 7 ... I actually started posting at around 5 1/2 months about the topic.

So again ... what is so hard about entering a one sentence, "I'm Ok already ... I may never post again, but thanks anyway" line.

If he has moved on ... I'm very happy for him. He doesn't owe anyone an explanation ... I just simply want to know if he's ok. He was a pioneer and an idol of mine ... and a reason this website was formed!

However, this has begun to take on a "soap opera scandal" level of absurdness ... should I start spreading the rumor that those saying he's moved on (with no proof of life) are part of a conspiracy to cover up his murder? (Dramatic drum beat)


Anonymous said...

I'm the individual who sent you the excerpt from Miller's new site last week. Unfortunately, I'm not sure what I can do to authenticate it to you. I'm aware that it can't be found directly via Google, and wouldn't have sent it to you if it could: I'm not really interested in outing him, given that he doesn't seem to want to be found. Remember, the mere fact that something isn't in Google's index doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

In any event, I thought you'd like to know that he's alive and kicking; he just doesn't seem interested in doing AtAT anymore. For what it's worth, here's another excerpt. This one actually matches up to one of the photos on his Flickr site.

"As a karmic counterweight to the evil soul-killing fascists running that kindergarten in Maynard, I hereby present to the universe: teeny pies.

"Well, that's actually two halves of teeny pies, since I had to eat some to make sure they came out okay. One's blueberry, the other's pineapple, and both turned out pretty darn well considering the inherent difficulties in making such teeny pies. The hardest part was getting the crust firm enough to contain the filling once the teeny pie was removed from the bakeware, yet light and flaky enough to be, well, good.

"And thus will the universe be spared.

"Teeny pies."

FYT said...

"Remember, the mere fact that something isn't in Google's index doesn't mean it doesn't exist."

Not true ... I have queried Google to specifically crawl for the search terms "Jack Miller ATAT" and "Jack Miller Apple Turns"

Results are returned to me every day ... any comment posted at TUAW, Wired, As The Apple Turns, As The Apple Turns 2, MacOSRumors ... nothing that I haven't seen or that I am aware of.

I believe there's a chance he may be alive ... but I don't understand why he wouldn't want to stop this madness ... it isn't an issue of outing him at all. In fact, a simple one sentence update would actually close the door and let him be in a room with no knocking.

Anonymous said...

Here's the deal: I finally pulled ATAT's RSS feed from my Safari bookmarks bar about 2 months ago because it was bothering me to keep checking to see if there was a new update. All anyone wants to know, really, is that Jack is OK. It's all just so odd not to have a definitive answer. Also, I like the way the person with the supposed Jack quotes originally said he found them with "a little legwork with Google," and now says that just because "something isn't in Google's index doesn't mean it doesn't exist." Just send a major mac site, including this one, the URL. Oh, and a fresh pic of Jack holding up the USAToday (not the October 2005 edition, either ;) ) would be nice, too.

FYT said...

I'm not completely discounting the "new comments" but I do find it strange that "a little Google legwork" was done and yet it can't be found through Google.

If I do say so myself ... I'm pretty talented when it comes to finding information about people on line. This website also helps. I get personal emails and posts here that give me small clues to research topics here. If there is anyone that has the whole scoop and story here it's this site.

This is turning into a charade ... now websites bigger than this one are reporting this and requesting a one sentence update. If he is just hiding, and does know about all this as the "quote" says ... why not stop it cold with one sentence and less than 5 minutes worth of work.

Look, I run a commerce website (aside from this site) ... it takes literally less than one minute for me to log in, and change an entire page with one sentence, or I can add text in maybe 45 seconds to any one single page. Really ... 45 seconds. I'm not buying the "I don't have time or it wasn't a priority I forgot" lines any more.

FYT said...

By the way ... I had to remove a comment for possible search skewing reasons. I wasn't 100% sure that typing in sample HTML code for "Google Searchbot" exclusion would also have an effect on this site's results.