Monday, April 17, 2006

The Plot Thickens And No One @ Apple Turns Cares ...

If you haven't been over to the As The Apple Turns Forums to check out what has gone on concerning finding the whereabouts of Jack Miller (Author and founder of APPLETURNS.COM) ... well then ... I'll update you.

As you know, about 10 days ago ... I received a reply from someone who claimed to be a neighbor of Jack Miller. They had a few interesting details and seemed to be credible to me. Since I exhausted every research route, I decided to go public with the information.

First, I published here on Jackwhispers, then I published in 4 topics in the forums at the ATAT forums. Immediately, moderators at the forum expressed concern. One, in particular stated that this was possibly a privacy issue (for Jack) ... so he took it upon himself to delete the various posts I made and consolidate them into one. After only 24 hours, the forum entry was deleted permantly from the website.

We are STILL without answer as to the whereabouts of Jack Miller. I would think that with two weeks of postings in the forums and several topics on the discussion of his whereabouts circulating the web ... there would have been some reply by now ... even from him if he were alive.

I'd like to share with you a conversation between a moderator (who has deified himself) and I through email ... I hope it's understandable ... I just want to illustrate the stupidity that I have had to deal with in this matter:

His initial email to me after posting the information in the ATAT forums:

Good afternoon -

My name is Dan XXXXXXX and I am the primary administrator and owner of the As the Apple Turns forums. Based on your website alone, I have seen no compelling evidence at all that Jack is dead; indeed, MacOSRumors reported last week that they are preparing to run a story to let everyone know where he is. If he was really dead, they'd have said so.

I would appreciate if, in the future, you did not spread speculation as fact on the forums in order to gain attention for your blog.



Ok, I expressed here and in the forums that in no way was I doing this as a publicity stunt or attention draw for my website. I have a A LOT of hits here ... nearly 1000X more then the average BLOG and almost 5X more than the average Apple news aggregator (during some periods).

This site was partially based on the writings of Jack Miller and the witty style of writing he brought to the Mac Web. For this reason, and this reason alone, was I interested.

Here is my reply to the email above:


I did no such thing ...

I was not promoting my blog ...

No one knows where he is and someone claiming to be his neighbor emailed me last night after seeing my story ... this is why I can't confirm any more than I did.

Shame on you and the forum for not finding out.

Where is the story on MOSR ... and they are considered a reliable form of news ... their website is lower ranked than my blog!

Essentially his venomous comment was met with a little spit.

The "update on Jack Miller story" on MOSR that was posted on April 10 2006 - hasn't materialized. It's now April 17th.

Here is another email exchange between the ATAT mod and I:

[Dan]So some random person emails you with an unverifiable bit of information and that's good enough for you to spam 6 cross-posted threads with the exact same content about it? My goodness. Have you by any chance ever worked for CBS News?

Whatever, guy. Let me know when you have anything other than hearsay to go on, and I might take you seriously. Have a nice day.



A brief couple of exchanges:

[ME] I'm passing your comments to Jack Miller's family (through the neighbor that contacted me) ... way to honor him and the forum HE STARTED!

[ME] What amazes me is that a site's moderator doesn't even know if the site owner is alive or dead ... what does that say about you? Or your credibility?

On Apr 14, 2006, at 12:55 PM, Dan XXXXXXX wrote:

Oh shove it. If you knew anything, you'd know that the forums operate independently of the rest of AtAT.

[ME] I plan to post our entire conversation on my website. Please for your own sake do not email again.

[Dan] Oh no! You're going to slander me on the internet! How tragically lame.

It's not the first time someone's taken issue with the way I run the forum and I'm sure it won't be the last. I wish you the best of luck with your exposé.



[Dan] You're always getting emailed by "people," aren't you? Pity it seems that under scrutiny they turn out to be nonexistent.

If I had malice, I'd have banned you. Fortunately for you, irritating me is not a bannable offense at AtAT. There are always people discontent with authority. Like I said, it's happened in the past and will happen again. If you want to launch a campaign against me or the AtAT mods, that's your right. Just don't expect much to come of it.


Take into account I have made almost one sentence replies without much content.

Here's more:

[ME] Care to explain that? How have they turned out to be non existent and WHY should I hand out private information such as names and email addresses? You and other mods stated that Jack's privacy is being invaded ... or are you just being confrontational.

[Dan] "You have yet to provide proof behind anything you've said so far -- from the original email you allegedly received that sparked this whole thing to this apparent slew of emails from people who dislike the AtAT Forum Administration. Since you seem to have no problem posting the entire contents of these private discussions for everyone to see, I don't understand why you can't back up your assertions in the same manner.

[Dan] By the way, if you do post these emails on your blog (in violation of Federal Privacy laws), I hope your readers are clever enough to note that you did, in fact, start this whole thing by making a snide remark about the my credibility, and while I have been perfectly civil with you the entire time, you have been making threats left and right and digging through my personal life. You are getting really close to crossing my line. Let's avoid that, shall we?"


[ME] Email communication (unless expressly agreed upon) is NOT private by ANY law in ANY state.

You started it ... but that's what you want me to say so you can make another clever comeback.

In case you didn't notice ... I posted for people to clarify ... some of your "moderation" detractors emailed me from my website and said they do not like the forums at ATAT and the mods there.. Again, you are taking things way to far and not being sensitive to my intent at all Which is shameful. You aretrading on the good name of Jack Miller, and in the off chance there's something that can be done, I will see to it that there is.

Just get off your high horse for a little while ... and by the way ... this aquaintance you know ... how heck long does it take to find out if someone is dead?

I will ask you again ... please do not email me again.


His reply:

[Dan] I have now filed a police report, issuing a complaint of harassment, threatening demeanor, and the possibility of fraud.

It is laughable that you ask me questions and then insist I do not respond.

I, however, am telling you now that a report has been filed with my local police department. All further communiques from you (and the threats contained therein) will be forwarded directly to them, without me ever reading them. You have crossed the line and I no longer wish to play this game with you.

Have a Happy Easter.



With a few edits to protect privacy and edit out Dan's profanity ... these are the complete emails. Again, this relates to the last post ... are you a weirdo when you argue or complain with someone? Don't make hollow threats that make you look looney. Maybe some people are intimidated when someone says ... they are reporting you ... I dunno. Unless you receive a call from a "court official or law officer" or receive a case # ... just ignore them. This said, NEVER harass anyone ... just make sure they know your stance ... if they ask you not to email them further ... DO NOT!


Anonymous said...

I dunno... I think that you're both acting a bit childish.

Anyhoo, MOSR, about 40% of the time, when they say they're working on a story that they'll post soon/tomorrow/later this week, it never gets posted, and we never hear it mentioned again. Between that & the popup ads, I stopped reading MOSR. It's entirely possible that they make these "we're working on this story" posts just to keep traffic coming to the site, even though they update 2-4 times a month.

In Russet Shadows said...

It is quite strange that ATAT forums don't even notice that the main website isn't updated and don't care to find out why it hasn't been. It's almost spooky.

FYT said...

I agree with "russet" ... but [Dan] (the self proclaimed goderator ... I mean moderator) says he started the forums independently from the ATAT satire site ... he claimed that I was stupid to assume that the forums should be related to the ATAT main page.

Anonymous said...

You can stop your chase - it appears that Jack's alright and just doesn't have time to update the site, which is perfectly within his rights.

Here's his Flickr account:

As for the AtAT forums: They've always been "officially unofficial". The guy there doesn't know Jack (no pun intended); the AtAT-link to the forums was posted as a favor and to placate the community when AtAT-updates started to get irregular. It's just a fan community without any close association to Jack.

(And as for MOSR, I aree with iotashan's comment.)

So: Jack's okay - probably just busy with RealLife(tm). There are plenty of things more imprtant than a blog...

FYT said...

While that looks promising ... it is shameful (if alive) that he hasn't a posted a "on semi permanent and completely out of contact hiatus" comment.

There is STILL no confirmation in the forum OR the main page.

I pray that my information was wrong. My intent is and was to find out the truth ... I'm glad I got a discussion going.