Monday, April 10, 2006

More to Alert You About On iAlertU

On Friday I mentioned the new security system software released called "iAlertU"

I've been playing with it and I like it ...

There are a few bugs:

Essentially you can just turn the alarm down by hitting the mute button on the keyboard ... but this could be disabled easily.

You could simply close the top of the Macbook instead of picking it up - this would put the Macbook to sleep instead of tripping the alarm. Again, this is something that could be fixed.

All of the bugs I have found would require knowledge of such a "security system" or knowledge of the Mac OS - which most criminals lack ... or at least lack with quick wit in a "dash and grab".

I have seen some sites saying that you could use any "Front Row" remote to shut it off ... but Apple's "Front Row" remotes CAN be paired to individual Macbooks, iMacs, and MacMinis ... see this Apple website page.

This is an amazing utility ... I just hope that its makers decide to offer it for remote control by Bluetooth as well (being able to use it with Salling Clicker)


Anonymous said...

I think you should e-mail them your ideas. It would improve the product (if they listen).

Middle-agedman said...

How about being able to use it with a bluetooth phone?

Anonymous said...

I was actually on looking around at mac stuff and i found the iAlertU video which is how i found the dev's site and your blog. I think its a really cool idea. I have the latest release of the powerbook G4 so im happy to hear that they are working on one that works with my powerbook. As Middle-agedman said. I hope they make it to work with bluetooh phones for those who do not have an intelmac.