Thursday, April 27, 2006

iProng ... the iLong Lie Of A Name Change At iPodGarage!

Had to get this out quickly and will be delivering more soon ... (A Bill Palmer joint) is changing its name to

Yes iProng ... if you remember used to be ... and was pressured by Apple to change the name. Apple's naming policy is an "unsigned" contract that you agree upon with your product or promotional naming. If you want to be an authorized and accepted developer, distributor, or news site that is recognized by Apple, you must follow this policy.

Note also that the "Apple patented" scrollwheel was also removed from the logo!

Bill has posted a story about the evolution of the iPODGARAGE.COM website and how Apple's evolution of the iPod is behind the name change.

Here is some good irony ... Bill Palmer is running a contest for the most hits from a single blog or website. He doesn't say that any websites are excluded from this contest. The prize is an iPod Nano. Wouldn't it be ironic if this website WON?!!!

Click here to win me an iPod Nano!

Just as Bill promises to monitor his links in to the iProng website ... I will monitor my links out!

From the "iProng" website:

As of May 8th, iPod Garage is evolving into iProng™, the even bigger and badder voice of the iPod Generation. We're marking the occasion by giving an iPod nano and other prizes to bloggers and webmasters who help us promote the name change. Here's all you have to do to play the iProng Name Game:

- Place a permanent link to in the sidebar of your blog or website, visible from your site's front page (even though we haven't yet changed our name, the domain is already active).

- You don't have to let us know you've done it; we'll see your site in our referrer logs as soon as someone clicks through on your link.

- Leave the link in place from now through the end of May.

- Then on June 1st we'll count of the number of unique click-throughs from each sidebar link and perform a weighted random drawing to determine the prize winners. Sites with more click-throughs will have greater odds of winning, but even sites with a single-click through will have a chance to win top prizes.

First prize is a 1 GB iPod nano in your choice of white or black, delivered directly to your doorstep. Second prize is a $50 iTunes gift card. Third prize is a $25 iTunes gift card. Five other winners will receive a new iProng T-shirt.

Remember, all you have to do to win a an iPod nano is post a link to in your site's sidebar and keep it there. Create your link today and help us celebrate our evolution into iProng!

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[UPDATE] Is it possible that this "name change" is related to the premise behind this article:

Apple Set To Get Tough On iPod Illegal

[UPDATE II] As of May 1 2006 with only 7 more days to go ... I seem to be one of only four non-Bill Palmer sites linking to iPRONG.COM. Out of those sites mine is one of two that are conforming to the contest rules. Keep clicking away on the link at the top right. Out of the two sites that are following rules I have sent 130 links from 81 seperate unique IP addresses.


Anonymous said...

1. I clicked the link. Good luck in the contest.

2. The word "iProng" is the phonetic equivalent to scraping nails on a chalkboard. Blech.

FYT said...

My personal opinion is that it sounds like a new iPod Sexual Stimulant peripheral

Who's going to take the name iProng seriously?

Anonymous said...

Well, I read that some people use the video-capable iPods for viewing "Pr0n," [leetspeak for porn], so that would make it iPron.

Palmer's just one letter off! haha.

FYT said...

LOL ... very good deduction there ... it is one letter from iPron ... I shoulda had the wit to see that ... I woulda incoporated that into the title

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to have to point this out, because there is nothing I would like better than to see your site win this contest, but there is no way in H-E-Double Hockey Sticks that you have a remote chance of winning.

First of all, its a RANDOM drawing. It is very clear in his instructions that this is the case. Even if you had one MILLION (OK, Austin Powers, ONE BILLION) referrals to his site and he "randomly drew" your name, he would still not let you win. The RANDOM aspect truly gives him this decision-making power.

Second, I can almost guarantee that one of his cronies is going to get word to him about your article and he will probably block or discredit referrals from this site. Even though the "rules" don't specifically state that a referral for sarcastic or otherwise negative purposes isn't excluded, I think it could be argued that it is at least implied that such referrals be positive. He really shouldn't have to point this out . . . its one of those things that are clearly . . . implied, Captain. (heh,heh)

Third, the guy is clearly not telling the whole truth about the name change motivation, so why should he tell the truth about a "contest" that he is going to run? Does he even have any kind of history of running promotions that he has followed through on? When he says that he has a "staff" of fifteen people, he implies that they are employees but are they really? Or are they simply cronies that comment? I don't think even iLounge has that number of employees, do they?

Finally, the name is ridiculous but perhaps its telling. "Prong" brings to mind the term "fork" and when I think of "fork" the next term that comes to mind when thinking of Bill Palmer is "forked tongue."

Tell the truth, Bill. Apple spanked you and you don't want to show us that your bottom's red. Please.

FYT said...

actually ... he seems to be offering at least 8 prizes ... right now I seem to be 1 of 2 websites linking to his site. So random maybe, but I'm still in the 8.

I know what his "cronies sites are" and if he does anything fishy I'll report on it and turn him in to the proper authorities for running a fake contest.

With any contest he's going to have provide actual names and states of the winners ... I'll ask for this list if I don't win.

Anonymous said...

Good luck - I've clicked away to help you win. I await with anticipation the presentation of your prize!! :D

Anonymous said...

and... iProng?! that has to be the single most "groundbreakingly stupid" name for anything i've ever heard in my life!!

i clicked too! if there's anything happening to annoy that blubbering, blathering prat Palmer, i want in on it! (juvenile, i know... but he deserves it.)

good luck!

Anonymous said...

Would you be seen wearing a shirt like this?

Make you look like some sort of porn film extra....

Anonymous said...

We all know Apple came knocking on his door - and as they left he threw a handful of magnetic letters at his refridgerator and out of "rhustcjp", "egotist", "qlumspz", "iprong" and "resol" we know which he picked......

One line from his prongcast made me hoot -

"unless our content suddenly becomes crap".....

What do you mean "suddenly becomes crap".....?

Anonymous said...

You must be getting excited at the thought of winning the nano.
Or will Mr Palmer renege on the prize giving if it is you?

FYT said...

I say he'll try to renege ... but right now amongst "unsponsored links" (ie he's paying for some links) he is only being linked by 3 websites to iPRONG.COM ... this one included in the 3.

Further, he cannot BY LAW award prizes to a sponsor or advertising partner.

I think he can muscle out of not giving me the nano ... although I will protest it either way ... I should at least win an iPRONG.COM TShirt or an iTunes Music Store Gift Certificate.

So far, I am 1 of 2 sites that is actually doing the contest according to instruction ... I've been mining daily for data on my site and iProng.

Again ... the rules are a permanent link until May 30th for iPRONG.COM on a BLOG! Law requires that the blogs not be friends, family, advertising partners, or sponsors.

Anonymous said...

And MacBookGarage transmogrifies into MacProng.....