Friday, April 28, 2006

He'll Also Have To Change This Name To PRONGBOOKGARAGE.COM

While searching through websites that link to iPRONG.COM (2 that are not Bill Palmer sites) and iPODGARAGE.COM (47 that are not Bill Palmer sites) I came across a new Bill Palmer joint that hasn't been in any press releases:


It has the same styling as iPODGARAGE.COM ... looks like a template from that site was used in it's creation.

If Apple didn't like iPODGARAGE.COM ... it's not likely they will like MACBOOKGARAGE.COM either!

Maybe he can change that name to PRONGBOOKGARAGE.COM

And don't forget to click daily on any iPRONG.COM link from this website ... hey you never know ... you might actually find a website you like! In defense of the site ... it does have thorough reviews of iPod peripherals.

[UPDATE] A reader email indicated that Palmer's MACMISCHIEF.COM website has been taken down and this website put in it's place.


Anonymous said...

The reviews on iPod Garage/iProng are a joke. Don't be deceived by the fact that they have a few paragraphs worth of text. They are sloppy and inaccurate, as if they were assembled quickly without any real thought or testing. Just look at the iPod Hi-Fi review as an example. It looks like it was reviewed inside an Apple Store. The reviewer doesn't even know what the remote's menu button does.

Also, isn't it a conflict for someone who sells iPod accessories (Headprong) and CD to iPod services (Loadprong) to be reviewing them?

FYT said...

The funniest thing to me is the 5 and 6 paragraph (lengthy ones too) on iPod cases ... CASES !!!

I also think it's very clever of him to have Pros & Concerns ... rather than cons or negatives. He rarely gives products bad reviews because keeping the product is part of his revenue ... he has a rather large (unbeknownst to many) ebay account where he liquidates iPod accessories that he reviews.

Anonymous said...

"...he has a rather large (unbeknownst to many) ebay account where he liquidates iPod accessories that he reviews."

Hmm, I wonder if the companies who supply him with samples for review know about his disposal methods?

Get something for nothing, then make $$$$ out of it.

Anonymous said...

What's the eBay URL? I'd like to see these auctions!

FYT said...

Since I can't 100% verify it's him and I also can't use any identifying information on this website for an eBay individual seller ... which would be a privacy concern (and I do respect his privacy) ... I'm afraid I can't do that.

But he lives in Florida ... so look for iPod accessories available in Florida. If you read his blog and do a domain info grab from whois you could even narrow it down.

FYT said...

The part of name calling ... I mean I suppose that calling someone a liar is a pretty bold name call ... but I don't like to have anyone slandered here ... without any factual backup.

I do appreciate the comments ... keep up with the insight.

Anonymous said...

"I figure a slob like me jogging already looks so dorky in its own right, so adding a headband to the mix can't make things any worse"

His own words -

Victor Kiam liked his Remington shaver so much he bought the company - Bill Palmer buys uSport - he likes the product so much....and starts "Headprong"....

His own words -
"Seriously though, I use the thing just about every day for exercise purposes. I actually exercise more often due to the fact that I have the headband. When I heard the company was for sale, I couldn't resist."

You state he is "liquidating iPod accessories" and you cannot verify 100% it is him - isn't that slanderous?

FYT said...

I know that he does it ... so do many Mac websites that review things. I just can't verify 100% that it is his ID and 100% that it is "review inventory" or his own "inventory".

And for the record ... he's allowed to publish his own statements about his body ...

Defamation has only to be proven by intent not truth. I can tell the complete truth and still be held libel for what I say if my intent is malicious or meant to harm. I can't allow THIS site to harm any one. It's intent is to help readers understand a point of view. Besides, I can legitimately say ... I'm allowed to make comments ... I don't know if my readers are qualified to say some of things they do ... so unless the comments are just fact without putdown and backed up with photographic or documented proof ... then I can't allow said comments to stay.

Case in point:

It is a KNOWN FACT to me that Apple sent him a cease and decist letter MONTHS AGO! Therefore, he is a liar on his website about the reason for the name change. Notice that although he might be, I did not call him a big lard ass liar ... just a liar. :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the clarification. I will continue to read with interest.

Anonymous said...

Could not find any trace of his auctions on eBay, searching by his zip code. This includes completed auctions. More info, even tagged as "maybe this is his account, maybe not", would be great.