Saturday, April 29, 2006

Have You Ever Been Banished From A Website?

Yesterday, I was banned from posting on two websites ...

As The Apple Turns Forums ... because I called a moderator out for lying to me through email.


Posting any comment within the forums on the new IPRONG.COM website for calling out Bill Palmer in the comments about the name change.

Has this ever happened to you?

Do you not want someone to know you are surfing their site?

Never fear ... just go to THE ANONYMIZER

Or for a little $$ you can download a permanent anonymous surfer/emailer program called Primedius WebTunnel

This message was brought to you by the helpful staff at Fix Your Thinking.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, they suck. I saw that you had posted on there and the fruitcakes on that board are offended that "an outsider" would want to know if Jack's OK.
I got flamed on the DisBoards (Disney-related forums) because I wasn't part of a clique. People on forums, sometimes, think they own the place.

I am pretty convinced that there are two possibilities about Jack:
1) He & Katie broke up so he has gotten away from ATAT, at least for now.
2) he did pass away at the end of last year.

Looking back at what appear to be his posts on various sites, there's been nothing since then (late October, early November) anywhere. The Flickr stuff may not be his writing, and he's not in any pics.

I thought about the possibility that he is extrememly sick, but I wish someone who is or was associated with him would come forward.

If he's all right, we'll all be relieved. If he's not, then he should be remembered.

Either way, he really deserves better than just being MIA. And, the leeching forum on AtAt doesn't deserve to outlive Jack.
- John

FYT said...

Well said ...

Jack DOES deserve more than MIA ... I built this site in the fashion of ATAT and aspire sincerely to achieve the level of respect and wit Jack gained from his audience.

In Russet Shadows said...

There's also, which provides a surfing proxy, anonymous email, and filters galore. :)