Monday, April 24, 2006

Good Artists Copy Mac Theft Software ... Great Artists Steal Mac Theft Software

It's hard to know who came first with the idea of MacBook Pro Theft software:

iAlertU got the most press and had their first press release on April 18, 2006.

But today, out of the blue ... comes TheftSensor ... with a website and seeming release dates and development dates back to March 29, 2006:

The current page at Theftsensor wasn't created until April 20th though. Maybe it was just reposted. There is a blog associated with the orbicule Theftsensor software site ... and it appears there have been 7 or so posts to the blog ... but ... with the blog being in blogger the dates could be altered to be any date the moderator wishes for them to be. I can place any date within the past two years as my blog entry time.

It is possible that they both thought of the idea simultaneously, but I doubt it.

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