Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Even Though It's Like Internet 1994 ...

I have avoided MYSPACE because it just seemed so yesterday to me. Each page is poorly designed, hard to read, and filled with a lot of meaningless stuff about people (mainly teeny boppers) who you wouldn't want to associate with (even if they are your age).

But recently ... MYSPACE has been getting a lot of attention (somewhat negative) ... this has caused the phenomenon of this networking site to grow 2 fold. It has now become the 10th most hit site on the internet. Yes, as in ONE and ZERO! More hits than the Bank Of America website!

A lot of my friends have said they have met cool people and made really good contacts through myspace.

Yesterday, I was sent an invitation from the "the myspace email invite system".

From time to time, I get to myspace and can't look at someone's details because I'm not a member. So ... today ... I bit the bullet and joined.

It will mostly serve as a "I've got it ONLY to have it" page. I'll only update it from time to time.

Here's the link ... join my friend network if you are on myspace ... and send me a message.

Find me on MySpace and be my friend!

I'm uploading this pic as my background for my page :-)


Anonymous said...

I just use it for hosting music files for my electronic music project (and to view pics/details of my friends). That's it.

I don't care much fore the Livejournal-meets-Angelfire (circa 1998) qualities of the site.


FYT said...

I'm going to do a followup called "MY first week in MYSPACE"

I went to see Scary Movie 4 last night and noticed 3 pop culture references: