Sunday, April 23, 2006

As The Apple Turns Website Starting To Die

One of the reasons I started the "posse search" for As The Apple Turns Editor Jack Miller is that I noticed the website was starting to yield a lot of errors and broken links. In the past, when Jack has been on "lengthened hiatus" nothing like this has happened. Of course previously ... the longest period of time had been 93 days without updates ... but at least readers were told he would be away and that updates would be sparse.

Presently, most of the AMAZON.COM affilate links are expired, the "rerun" (archive) section doesn't work ... and various parts of the site have started to yield errors.

Just thought I'd provide an update . . .


The Plot Thickens And No One At As The Apple Turns Cares


Anonymous said...

A little legwork with Google reveals that Jack Miller is alive, well, and moving onto other things. I'm not going to post a URL here, figuring that he'd be found if he wanted to be found, but here's a suitably Milleresque excerpt:

"Still ducking fans of my old web site, and this week things took a turn for the positively surreal: another web site actually posted an article on how I've been missing in action for five months and they put a call out for everyone to try to find out if I'm actually still alive or whatever. Which means that I've been deluged in email from people literally all over the world, and people have even called the house after pulling phone numbers from domain registration records. Thank heaven for caller ID; screen call, delete message, lather, rinse, repeat. I have a half-assed plan to write something explaining that I am, in fact, still alive (in some sense) and posting it over this weekend, but then again I've been planning to do that since last weekend and so far nothing, so who knows?"

FYT said...

Good news ... I still can't understand why he hasn't just posted ...

"I'm on permanent hiatus ... I just ask that you understand."

It hasn't been 5 months ... it's now been almost 7!