Saturday, April 15, 2006

Are you a weirdo when trying to get what you want?

Here's some email communication received from an eBayer recently ... after offering him a 1/2 refund due to his error and not wishing to pay for return shipping. I offered him half of the purchase NOW (through Paypal) of $45 and told him upon receipt of a working power supply I would refund the other half (another $45):

* only my last name is stripped and his eBay ID

$45 isn't enough, [my last name]... but I'll take it (grumble, grumble).Then I'll buy a 600-watt supply from the seller in California whose ad you probably ripped off... and I'll keep watch on every item you try to peddle on eBay from now on, at least any Mac stuff. I'm a member of eBay's volunteer fraud patrol, and Macs and Yamaha pro music gear are my turf... stay off it. CA's attorney general is threatening to close eBay down because of all the fraud that goes on here (he says it's about 10% of all frauds reported in CA).

So, I'll accept the $45 and keep the power supply. Consider yourself lucky.


Of course I alerted eBay to this "volunteer fraud patrol" remark.

People ... understand that reason is almost always met with reason. With me, consideration and kindness is usually met with double the favor and double the respect. If he had sent a more considerate and well reasoned email ... I would have gladly offered him a full purchase price + shipping refund with no questions asked.

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Middle-agedman said...

I honestly don't know why people don't begin with a softer approach. Sometimes people make mistakes and are more than happy to make up for them and will even go above and beyond to do so if you approach them properly.

This guy is clearly not in that category. I would not have wanted to do anything for him either. He made bad assumptions and started off hostile. He's not very smart.

I don't doubt that there is a lot of fraud in eBay, but its unfair to eBay to single them out. There's fraud everywhere, in every part of commerce and society. EBay just happens to have a higher profile and are convenient to pick on. You can't shut down the good 90% for the bad 10%. Get real.

"Fraud police." That's a good one.