Thursday, April 27, 2006

Apple Takes A Bite Out Of Aperture Development?

Think Secret (not that they are considered a reliable source for Mac News) is reporting that Apple has disbanded the Aperture software development team.

Interesting comments are coming from the MACRUMORS.COM forums on the topic:

arn (MACRUMORS.COM webmaster)

this could negatively impact sales, so hopefully they double checked their sources on this story


Personally, I have always thought that Think Secret posts its stories in a malicious tone for the purpose of hurting Apple.

I wonder whether this isn't a bogus leak from Apple, attempting to shut down their Think Secret mole.

I also wonder if Apple has received any pressure from Adobe to end the project ... is it plausible that Adobe said,

"If you end Aperture development, we'll accelerate Photoshop for Intel development"

[UPDATE] Aperture apparently isn't going to be axed


Anonymous said...

Thinksecret has now become one of the least reliable Apple rumor sites (it used to be dead on back when they had informants at Apple or whatever).

I take anything they say with a metric ton worth of salt.

Anonymous said...

John Gruber (aka Daring Fireball) has gotten a little more info that adds to your post on this.

It's an interesting read...


FYT said...

Thanks for the heads up ... he actually read my article and I read his the day after. I kinda scooped him ... he just can write so much better than me!