Friday, April 14, 2006

Apple Doesn't Want Your Suggestions: Especially If You're A Little Girl

Head on over to Engadget and see how a little girl upset Apple legal:

Apple legal sends little girl crying to her room


Aunt Murry said...

Good god, you would think that they would have been customer service than that. I could call them a four letter work but it is Good Friday and I am a lady.

FYT said...

I would and will call them a 12 letter word - bureaucratic. It really seemed like it was a matter of bureacracy and a letter falling through the cracks getting a form letter response.

They should have given her more than an apology though. I really think Steve Jobs should have shown up at her house with an iPod and iPod HiFi.

Middle-agedman said...

Nothing in the article suggested that this little girl sent her letter written with crayon on Oak Tag paper. Isn't it possible that no one knew that she was a little girl? Believe me, I have read plenty of correspondence from grown people that wouldn't pass muster in a third grade classroom.

I will bet that no one would be able to believe the volume of letters that Apple gets on a DAILY basis that contain suggestions on how to "improve" their products or suggest actual product ideas. Apple legal is there to ensure that no one can ever come back and claim credit for an idea that they sent in.

I think that this is an example of a news agency (not JW, he's only quoting them) not revealing all the facts. I'm sure that Apple didn't have them either.

If we lived in a society where ideas were freely shared and no one ever sued over infringement of same, Steve Jobs would probably be sitting cross-legged in a school right now getting ideas from children.