Tuesday, March 21, 2006

With A Mac ... You Can't Be Fired!

The Apprentice Game

One of my favorite Mac game makers Skunk Studios ... makers of Spelvin... released a new game based on The Apprentice. I was really excited to play ... only to find out ... it only works with Windows.

My biggest hopes for the Intel processor transition is that some enterprising company will come up with a way to just boot from the Game CD itself after installing base files on the Mac or PC ... so that games can be universal ... possibly even applications.

I realize that it wouldn't make sense for small games like this ... but let's examine this proposal closer:

In the near future:

Games could be playable on Macs or PCs through it's own Linux based OS

(Why the Linux community hasn't latched on to this as the future of the platform I can't comprehend.)

Games would be available on multiple platforms immediately ... even PS3 and Xbox ... because these machines are capable of running Linux.

Is this over everyone's head ... can someone clarify this in a laymen way?

On the topic of The Apprentice ... I love this show. It is one of the most educational shows on television ... teaching you about business and how to make money through reality television.

This season has been really good so far... I'd recommend catching it on Mondays at 9PM EST on NBC.

And congratulations to Donald Trump for his new baby ... he and his wife decided on the name Barron Trump ... very fitting.

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