Saturday, March 11, 2006

Take 3 Minutes To Read About A Bogus 30 Minutes in Apple History

As some of you may have read ... last week a Swedish website claims to have put a Mac Mini online and challenged it's readers to "hack" into it ... the website claimed the contest only lasted 30 minutes ...

Well, it appears that a few mac websites (including this one) have asked for proof ...

The owner replies to the most obvious questions:

1) Can I look at a copy of the system logs and the root shell history?

2) Did any part of the system you placed online have a generic directory?

I will consolidate responses received by this and other websites such as Macs-Only.

"No, [you can't view the logs] ... there's nothing in them anyway."

His refusal to post the logs or share them leads me to believe that he's hiding something.

"There is a directory on the Mac Mini called "everything.log" which is accessible only by a root account."

This is just stupid ... this "everything.log" was used as an obvious back door ... almost as a "start here" sign.

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