Thursday, March 30, 2006

Quick Blurb: If Only Everyone Read Fix Your Thinking ...

Here's an interesting excerpt from an email my best friend sent me:

"...I got caught up on FYT today. USA Today had at least four or five articles that were Apple related today, and I thought that was kind of interesting. I think that all of them were about things that you had already reported on."

I looked through USA Today and yes ... I reported most of the stories at least 3 days ago ... some two weeks ago!

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Aunt Murry said...

I find that happens quite often. The real world is 3 to 4 days behind the cyber world. Strange. My mum will say she read something in the paper and I'll state that I read it on a website 3-4 days earlier. Makes her crazy. I gave her all of my urls but she insists on reading the paper front to back.