Monday, March 20, 2006

Microsoft & eBay: Teaming Up To Form End It Now!


Microsoft & eBay announced a new partnership over the weekend ...

Apparently this partnership is to help stop the spread of piracy of Microsoft products on the auction website; eBay.

I have to tell you ... I have offered several legitimate copies of MS Office for both Macs & PCs over the years on eBay ... greater than 75% of these auctions have been ended by Microsoft. It's very annoying to have your auction ended without warning or clarification. Often ... when eBay ends your auction, they don't give you a chance to clarify or change the auction. eBay removes it completely ... where you can't even change it and relist it. This is why I keep a folder of Textedit documents with templates for all my auctions ... since I often relist the same or similar things.

I believe this partnership takes an existing relationship further. Because ... as far as I am aware, Microsoft has had the ability to end anyone's auctions as they see fit. I believe this partnership actually places Microsoft employees at eBay headquarters and possibly paid/subsidized by both.

I don't like companies having access to eBay that are NOT eBay. I feel as if this is eBay's job. I feel as if there areseveral things eBay could do to make buying and selling safer ...

Had you read this?

Dear eBay, I've Found The Most Incredible Way To Stop Scammers


Anonymous said...

In other words, Ebay has just jumped the shark. GRR!

Anonymous said...

I tried to offer some Cisco study materials ... my auctions were ended saying that these are not available to the public and therefore cannot be auctioned.

It was annoying that my auctions were ended. I don't list that often, so it took a while to go through the auction set up. All wasted.