Friday, March 24, 2006

Finally ... the US Government Sees It Apple's Way


US Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez, was questioned on CNBC about the French law allowing citizens to strip DRM and requiring companies sellling Digital Rights Managed music to open up their security so French citizens could use songs on any device:

[The US government has now declared its support for Apple in the company's dispute with France over DRM interoperability.] Gutierrez stated that he would "compliment [Apple] because we need for companies to stand up for their intellectual property rights". At issue is a draft law that would require Apple and other companies to open up their DRM to competitors or allow consumers to do so on their own, so that music purchased in an online music store could be played in any manufacturer's digital audio player. If you remember, Apple referred to the French bill as part of a "state-sponsored culture of piracy." While Guiterrez didn't say whether the US government would do anything specific on Apple's behalf, he did say that it's a good policy to "have the government work with other governments."

I still think the United nations should also step in ... one nation should not be allowed to undermine another in such a manner.

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