Monday, March 27, 2006

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Within the next week I will be starting a new four part series on Movies.

I love movies ... I like going to big theaters and seeing the advance midnight screening of blockbuster movies.

That said ... over the last two years my moviegoing experience has been somewhat disappointing. I don't attribute this to poor quality, lackluster creativity of scripts, or even higher prices. Mostly ... the moviegoing experience can be narrowed down to one basic problem ... the theater chains.

Cost cutting, political correctness, and consolidation of theater chains have contributed to sour experiences.

Here's an interesting article from last summer that I will draw a few reference points from:

Why Is Movie Theater Attendance Declining

This article mentions several contributing factors:

1) Social factors eroding theater environment (talking, cell phones, babies crying, etc.);

2) Sacrificing long term relationships w/ theater-goers for an increase in short term profitability (commercials, no ushers, etc.);

3) Higher quality experience elsewhere (home theater);

4) Declining quality of mainstream movies;

5) Easily available alternatives (Netflix, Amazon);

6) Price;

7) Demographics: Aging babyboomers simply go out to movies less.

This article mentions the apparent "out of touch" reason the Movie Picture Association Of America (MPAA) thinks attendance is declining ... piracy.

The above linked article is well written, but it mostly discusses disenfranchised viewers through commercials. (Theater chains showing too many commercials before the film starts) I use the term term disenfranchised ... because the article makes it appear as if the moviegoer doesn't have an option and must live with the mediocre experience Hollywood and theater chains throw our way. I hope to offer some solutions for this problem in my article ... I also plan to mail a copy of the article to the major movie theater chains.

Truthfully, I believe these are the main contributing factors to declining movie attendance:

1) Social factors eroding theater experience (talking, cell phones, babies crying, etc.)

2) No ushers and/or chaperones (which could stop #1)

3) No enforcement or clarification of rules (which would negate #1 & #2) over time

4) Theater chains being too politically correct to realize the need for #2, & #3

5) Declined discipline in schools and at home

6) Obtuse political message & agenda movies

7) Overhyped & Underhyped movies

Piracy, alternative viewing methods, and alternative content providers have so little to do with declining movie theater attendance that it's laughable that the MPAA thinks these are contributing factors.

In this series of articles, I will discuss several personal experiences, show some extensive research I've done on this topic, and then relate it all back to Apple Computer.

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