Monday, February 13, 2006

What The Dell Is Wrong With Teachers?

It seems as if Henrico County has decided to keep at least part of its school system with iBooks.

If you recall, Henrico County was one of the first school systems to integrate a countywide Junior High and High School 1 iBook per child and teacher program

Macinfo gives a good "reason roundup" of why Henrico decided to keep Junior High students with iBooks.

Again, if you recall Henrico's board made a really big deal about switching to Dell for their contract ... citing ignorant reasons ... such as Microsoft Word not being available and the weirdest of all ... not being able to read Word files created on PCs on the Mac. One teacher even posed the scenario saying there wasn't a spell check or dictionary application.

See FYT previous mentions of Henrico County Schools here:

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Henrico: see also debacle

I have to be honest with you ... I hate dealing with educators. There are few exceptions to this. They are bossy, impatient, pay late, expect "no profit on sale" discounts, and are ...

Let's put it this way ... back a few years ago ... I used to have a page on Jackwhispers about problematic eBayers ...

My number one category that problematic eBayers fell under ... you guessed it ... education.

One of my first large eBay transactions was with a Penn State music director ... he harassed me day in and day out over a toner cartridge in a laser printer I sold him being only half full ... even after my auction had stated that I wasn't even including a toner!

Locally ... I have dealt with teachers ... and, in general ... it's a nightmare. They can't accept reasonable windows for schedules (like - I'll be there between 10 and 1) ... it's often a hassle to be paid or to make payment arrangements (like you have to go through a bidding and school board contract approval process) ... often payments have been late ... on average I am not paid when I do work for local school systems for 5-7 weeks.

The other thing I have noticed about educators (at least locally) ... they will take any opportunity they can to get a better deal ... with no loyalty or consideration. If anyone is a bargain hunter ... it's me ... so I understand bargain conscious minds. I price any service to schools that I do well below my individual or walk in service call.

If you question a teacher ... they instantly bounce it back ... blaming you instead. It's almost as if an educator believes they are the CEO of YOUR company.

It's really easy for me to see why Apple has lost a little ground in education over the years ... it's really not about compatibility, price, or service ... it's all about having to deal with the incredibly screwed up educational system in the US (and elsewhere)


Anonymous said...

There is something about the educational institution that breeds a unique form of arrogance. I've seen it as well in dealing with teachers of many different stripes. But more than that, I now have a new curse word. What the Dell? *ROFL*!

Middle-agedman said...

Speaking of Dell on another bad note, their inkjet printers use proprietary ink cartridges that can only be ordered and purchased from Dell directly. This despite the fact that these printers are made by and are practically identical to Lexmark printers sold at retail.

Having formerly been an HP Retail Territory Sales Manager, I have witnessed and seen many customers come into the various big box retailers looking for Dell printer cartridges only to find that they are out of luck. One of my friends who is still working as a weekend HP Retail Representative had the following comment for one such hapless customer:

"Welcome to Dell!!" (heh,heh)