Saturday, February 18, 2006

This Worm Has Teeth!

A new piece of "malware" is circulating that supposedly progates via Bluetooth wireless.

As reported by Engadget:

[If you have ] already patched [your Mac] with last June's OS X security update 2005-006 [there's nothing to worry about.] Apparently there's a new Bluetooth worm out called Inqtana that that actually propagates to vulnerable OS X machines wirelesslessly, and moves on to the next. F-Secure & Symantec don't believe Inqtana is anything more than a proof-of-concept worm right now (kind of like the Leap / Oompa Loompa OS X trojan going around right now), but being that it could easily be modified and turned into some a little more dangerous to your data and the fact that you should be updating your computer more than once every year, sounds like you should just take the two minutes and go get that Apple fix...

I believe that this is Symantec/Intego/Sophos writing these little media buzz creators. They aren't even proof of concept ... although some people at Sophos and Ambrosia are trying to get hits and media attention saying it is a worm, trojan, and proof of concept ... these are just lame misunderstood buzz words for a really lame attempt to get attention.

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CG5Addict said...

You never know who really starts these things, But the media sure ran with calling it the first Mac Virus. Sometimes I wounder how they get paid to post articles with little to no information to back it up.

FYT said...

I agree ... what it goes to show is that "the media" have no more reponsibility and ethic than bad bloggers.