Monday, February 13, 2006

Can PowerPC G4 Laptops Boot Windows 98?

The Apple Blog shows this picture:

The Apple Blog spotted this picture on the Best Buy website advertising their laptop section in last week's website update.

I get really tired of lazy graphic artists ... "Apple people" are suppose to be more creative.

The truth be told ... Apple could prosecute Best Buy for copyright infringement for lifting pictures from the Apple website. This picture is of a PowerBook G4 taken DIRECTLY from an Apple website photo.

At least it's not as bad as this one ... where Office Depot photoshopped a USB port onto the CD tray of an iBook:


Anonymous said...

The iBook G3 CD tray was always on the right. What they did was photoshop out all the ports and then put a single USB back.

FYT said...

Actually, I think it was a mirror image ... but good eye ... there is clearly a CD tray in the pic with a USB port in the center ... i don't think ANY laptop has a single port on the left side like that.

Anonymous said...

no it isn't a mirror image, you can tell because the funcion key (fn) is on the bottom right hand side... it has definatley had the ports 'shopped out.

Anonymous said...

Uhhhmmm... and it's showing a Windows OS. :)

Unless that is the point.

So is this thing completely fake?!


FYT said...

You're right ... but it's still a CD door with a USB port photoshipped onto it.

Yes ... it's showing a windows OS ... and it's definitely an iBook.

CG5Addict said...

I just find it funny how thay want to use a good looking computer, but can't find one with a windows OS.