Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Zencast = Zencopy

* photo courtesy of Engadget

As reported by Engadget:

Creative's ZenCast podcast solution

Today, Creative announced their ZenCast Organizer. This Windows-based app manages audio and video blog content for Creative's Zen Vision and Vision:M players, much like the podcast function of Apple's iTunes. In addition to all the biggie, uh, podcasts like ESPN and oh, Engadget, users can also subscribe to content not included in the ZenCast site via a separate "subscribe" button. Sim Wong Hoo, outspoken chairman and CEO, says "you can even host your own show. ZenCast is like having a personal Internet TV broadcasting station, where anyone can create their own program and broadcast it to the world." A beta version of the ZenCast Organizer is available free today ...

I guess Creative CEO, Sim Wong Who thinks Apple won't sue.

Of course, Creative doesn't have to call it a Podcast ... but you have to think ... are they specifically calling it a Zencast ... just to show off.

Creative has reactive marketing and design ... Apple has innovative marketing and design.

Advice to Creative: "You'll never get ahead, when it looks like you are just following."

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Anonymous said...

Not to mention they even stole the name Zencast from the buddhist podcast at It is bad enough they abuse the word Zen, but now they are stomping on the poor buddhist podcasts to steal their name! Zencast Podcast was even on their Home page as one of the top 10, How Ironic!