Sunday, January 15, 2006

Stats That Make The Sats Say, "Rats!"

* picture from ENgadget

Celebrating Apple's Release Of An FM Radio Tuner For The iPod & Lackluster Growth In Satellite Radio

As reported by ENgadget:

... according to Digital Music News, by the end of 2005 XM tipped the 6 million subscriber mark (with over 2.7m in growth), while Sirius bounded up to 3.3 million (from just over a million in the beginning of the year, growth of 2.1m) in the same time.

Rumors of digital satellite radio iPods have been circulating for over a year now. Can anyone tell me the reason why someone pays to hear something?

I'm glad Apple released an FM radio tuner for the iPods to finally put this rumor to rest.

I agree with a local ad that runs on my talk radio station ... "Radio should be free!"

The commercial centers around an important news report ... interupts ... then has the the old pay telephone voice ... "we're sorry, please deposit 25 cents for the next five minutes" Then a message from the national association of radio broadcasters comes on ... "Radio should be free!"

For Apple to integrate Sat Radio into iPods would be like ... like ... like ... well ... I don't know what it'd be like but here's a stat

By contrast Rush Limbaugh has 20 million listeners worldwide EVERY DAY - ALL of Sat radio has 9.3 million listeners.

Also take into account XM first went on the air in 1996 - in 10 years they have only managed 6 million subscribers!

By contrast - since 1996 - Apple has gone from a losing quarter (end of 1996) to 2 TIMES their previous quarterly high (in the past quarter) They also crossed the 1 billion dollar quarterly revenue mark for the FIRST time this past quarter.

One of my friends got sat radio as a Christmas gift from their fiance ... I told them they may want to consider calling off the wedding as they opened my iPod shuffle accessory bundle I gave to them.

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Anonymous said...

Where else can you hear radio that is not governed or controlled by the religious nuts and government? Sucks we have to pay for it, but same deal with cable. If you want quality content, it usually comes with a price. Otherwise, keep listening to edited content followed by the latest release the record companies are paying to shove down your throat. Oh, and good luck staying tuned to that station driving city to city.