Monday, January 30, 2006

Cat's Eye

I'm a movie buff ... I have always thought it interesting that Hollywood often features Macs in a lot of the movies set in the modern era. I also always find it telling of how good a director is, by the subtle elements hidden in the scenery of the movie.

So, from time to time - I post a movie that features famous "apple or jack" keywords, actors, and imagery and/or themes that relate to the content on this website.

The movie I'm featuring today relates to Apple's OS X Operating System naming scheme:


Mac OS X 10.0 did not have a feline name

Mac OS X 10.1 (reportedly was called Puma)

Mac OS X 10.2 (called Jaguar)

Mac OS X 10.3 (also called Panther)

Mac OS X 10.4 (also called Tiger)

Mac OS X 10.5 will be codenamed Leopard. This will be the first OS that will have separate Intel and PowerPC versions.

Today's movie is Cat's Eye:

From 1985: This is a collection of 3 stories that are all tied together by a cat named General who is being called by a girl to help her. Through the cat's journey to reach this mysterious girl several stories unfold ...

The first story is called; Quitter's Inc ... starring James Woods ... involves a man who wants to quit smoking for the sake of his family, but finds that quitting the habit isn't easy for a pack a day smoker. He enlists a friend's assistance ... who takes him to a "Help Center" for smokers ... but finds the methods used are very unorthodox.

The second story is called; The Ledge ... starring Robert Hayes ... involves a washed up tennis player who owes a debt ... except the debt isn't just money, he owes the lender an explanation about his wife's infidelity as well. This story follows the tennis player as he has to make his way around a 50 story building ... walking on the ledge ... just to settle the debt with a die hard gambler and loan shark.

The last story brings the cat to a home with a little girl. The General ... starring Drew Barrymore ... involves a new twist on the old wive's tale ... concerning cat's stealing children's breath while sleeping.

Don't let the fact that this is a Stephen King movie fool you or make you not want to watch. There is no blood, gore, and only a very small amount of cursing.

Take into account that Shawshank Redemption is also a Stephen King story.

My favorite of these stories is Quitter's Inc ... if you know a smoker in your life ... this is something that could get them to start to kick the habit.

See if you can spot a very subtle Apple reference as well.

This is a very obscure but often overlooked classic that rivals the best of Twilight Zone episodes. It's also budget priced on DVD. Use the link above and support the FYT website or go to Best Buy where I found it for $6.99 on DVD this past weekend.

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