Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Low Blow From The Mo

Quoted by a Motorola Executive:

"What's the point of fighting a battle with 5 percent market share?', referring to Apple's portion of the personal computer market."

Quoted by the Jackwhispers editor:

What's the point of using a supplier that has gone from 500Mhz to 1.67Ghz in 6 YEARS!, referring to the fact that even gaming consoles ... such as the Xbox and Playstation 3 are more powerful than Macs now.

In the same time frame PCs have gone from 500Mhz (we Mac Users used to be even steven) to 3.8Ghz as of a few weeks ago.

Also in this same timeframe Apple has gone from barely profittable to immensely profittable and Motorola has seen 7 losing quarters and released embarassing products such as the ROKR phone.

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CG5Addict said...

Go Jack!!! Even reading your older articles keep me tuned in. Great work!!