Thursday, January 05, 2006

HP Shows They Are REAL Clueless

* Photo courtesy of iLounge

ZDNET is reporting that HP will shift from using iTunes preinstalled to REALNetworks Rhapsody Music Store.

It is well documented that Real Rhapsody is hard to use, difficult to install, and songs only work intermittent with the iPod.

iTunes Music store has almost 2X the number of songs available on the store.

Some web analysts say Real Player and Rhapsody interfaces, install spyware.

Plus, if you've ever owned a PC and needed to remove Raal Player or Rhapsody ... well ... lemme just say you know what I'm talking about when I say, "Blinking blue icon DAMN YOU!"

It's sad to see the new HP CEO Mark Hurd make decisions like this based solely on ego trips (just to show former CEO Carly Fiorina up)

With HP's move into video lately ... I hardly see how axing Apple as a partner is good.

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