Friday, January 06, 2006

FOUR X more fun than reading this site; cool things the Jackwhispers editor does

I typically don't like to link to other sites (for the sake of my sharing what sites I like) ... but four sites merit your attention for (at least) some weekend fun.

The first is: The Rasterbator: this site allows you upload any picture ... you will then be emailed a picture that you can print out in ANY SIZE you choose. For instance ... you upload a 3x5 picture of yourself to the site (the higher resolution your picture the better) ...

In about 15 minutes you are emailed a picture that could cover a highway billboard (if you so choose) ... the great thing about the picture is that you can print it on any printer! For instance: A 24x36 inch poster would be composed of 12 sheets of 8x11 inch pieces of printed paper.


The next site is: SNIP URL

This site allows you to take long title links and condense them down to just a few letters ...

For instance ... the link to this post is:

The SNIP URL version of this same link is:

The SNIP URL version of the link to this article is 63% less typing!

One other advantage to me is ... it strips out the name jackwhispers ... serving to mask the title of this site. A few websites refuse to link to this site due to it's controversial content. This is one way I try to circumvent that.

Try it!


Next is: My Heritage Celebrity Face Matchup ...

Recently (January 2006) put into beta ... myheritage will match you to a celebrity ... for instance ... these were my results:

* a recent picture of me

My match up was:

* a picture of David Duchovny (Fox Mulder on X-Files)

I was amazed at how well this worked ... I actually am told I look like David Duchovny often ...

The only downside to this site is that it currently does not support the Safari web browser ... so you'll have to use Firefox :-(


Lastly is the Speakeasy Internet Connection Speed Test:

Quickly figure out the actual speed you are connecting to the internet. Is your DSL or cable modem as fast as they say it is? Think your connection is slow? Check it out and see!

There are dozens of sites that test your internet connection, but I think this one is the easiest, most accurate, and fastest.


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