Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Anyone willing to try this for the sake of review

My best friend and I were talking about diet plans this evening ... I had remembered when I was searching for new things to advertise on this website I had seen a book called, The 3-Apple-A-Day plan.

I don't really like to promote anything I don't use on a daily basis or that I haven't experienced first hand.

Anyone out there willing to try this diet plan? I'll buy the book for you ... if you will report the results and allow me to publish them here on Jackwhispers.

Since I already eat lots of Apples (not 3 a day though) and I have an athletic build ... I don't need to diet ... but I'd certainly be willing to help anyone try this one and thereby help me with a review.

From the website this diet apparently involves eating one apple before each meal and the book claims to detail the following:

How to increase your metabolism to achieve permanent fat loss.
Why it’s important to balance your carbohydrates, protein and fats.
The difference between over fat and overweight.
How and why apples are used as a fat loss supplement
How to plan and prepare quick, delicious meals
How to overcome barriers and excuses.
Why men lose weight faster than women—the role of genetics, age and gender.
Why the scale may sabotage your efforts to lose weight.
Personal stories and photos of people who share their past struggles with weight loss and their success on the Plan.

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Middle-agedman said...

I'm not on the diet per se, but I am trying their strategy of eating an apple before every meal as often as I can. As their book says, doing this has many beneficial consequences. First, the apple's natural sugar content and the fiber/pectin both fill you up and curb your appetite to a degree. This typically means that you will eat less at the meal which should be a weight-loss all by itself. Second, the apple has all sorts of good stuff in it that contributes to both nutrition and proper digestion. Good digestion contributes to weight loss as well. Third, because apples can be really good tasting, its not punishing like some other diet strategies.
It is my understanding that there are other diet dos and don'ts in the book, but I think applying the eat an apple before every meal or as many meals as you can remember is good all by itself.