Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Stupidity Is Not Invisible ...

I am embarassed by this auction that surfaced today on eBay ...

(It may be cancelled by the time you read this)

Embarrassed ... because the listing's seller is located in my home state's capital.

It isn't funny and it's a listing policy violation ...


It seems to be more of a puiblicity stunt to promote iPodInvisa.com ...

This was a reasonably funny Saturday Night Live Skit ... but I am surprised no one reported this to eBay sooner.

From the auction:

UPDATE: There will soon be an iPod Invisa website at www.ipodinvisa.com. Until the DNS servers propagate to that address you can see the site by going to www.ajcannon.com/invisa.htm.

Remember that if bidding goes above $50 then you will receive a FREE pair of Invisa headphones with your purchase.


[UPDATE] I reported this auction to eBay for a listing policy violation and I'm also sending a note to Apple legal about a naming policy violation for ipodinvisa.com.

[UPDATE] Here's a note from Andrew Cannon concerning this article:


Nice to hear from a fellow South Carolinian. What part of SC are you from? Thanks for your concern over this auction, but you must not have read it very carefully. This auction is for an envelope. Included with the envelope for free is the iPod Invisa. The ipodinvisa.com website was not even made until after this auction, so there is no way that you can claim that I was trying to drive traffic to the site...go ahead and try to go to ipodinvisa.com and see what shows up. If eBay decides to cancel this auction, so be it. But there are a lot of people who are enjoying this auction. You might not be one of them and that is fine with me. I'll just re-list it and take away any of the violations. Have a great day and a Merry Christmas!


I'll pass that information along to eBay Safe Harbor ....


Anonymous said...

Why don't Apple go after sites such as MacRumors, AppleXNet, AppleNova, MacOSXHints for trademark violations?

FYT said...

Because those names do not fall under Apple's guidelines for naming products and those names do not contain specific Apple product or service associations.