Monday, December 05, 2005

The Price Is Wrong At Price Rite Photo

Today I am going to kind of just cop out and post a story for you to read. I need to update so ...

I wanted to do a little more commentary with this story. But, this story made the rounds on Friday and was posted on Slashdot. That made the site very slow (eventhough it was on a BLOGGER BLOG just like this site) -- it also made this BLOG slow because of all the attention it was receiving.

I promise a better update by tomorrow morning ...

This is a great story of how a guy was cheated by a company called Price Rite Photo and he is exposing them on the web. This is the best thing he could have done ... better than reporting the problem to the Better Business Bureau or even the police.

The best part of the story is the comments, where readers have assisted the blogger with more information concerning Price Rite; such as:

(1) This is actually a chain of bait and switch high end digital camera shops. They go under many many names on the internet and on eBay, Amazon, and Yahoo

(2) An actual picture of the business that looks like the entrance to some werewolves' or vampire's city hangout from a movie.

(3) Bloggers have posted other options for the readers to seek retribution, some of which I have not heard of.

As for (3), I plan to investigate some of the options posed by readers and report about them here soon.

I got some good ideas concerning Wegener Media ... as I plan to post a followup to my previous story; Attack Of the Waygoner.

Price Rite Photo's Abusive Bait & Switch

Take a look ... I'm sure if you enjoy this site ... you will enjoy this story ... and since many Mac Users also work with digital media .. this may be applicable to you!

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Middle-agedman said...

This is one of the best stories about retail retribution I have ever read. It goes to show that intelligent persistence really can work and work quite well. This consumer clearly knew his rights and refused to be intimidated by the idiots that he had to deal with at this retailer.

I don't believe for a second that the owner of this company "didn't know" this kind of practice was going on. Surprise, surprise, Mr. Phillips is a (insert several explictives)!!!! I never noticed before!!! Right. Too late, Blind Man.

Companies that operate in this fashion NEED to lose business big time. I don't feel sorry for anyone in the upper eschelons of that company for whatever happens to them.

One final item that the writer mentioned several times: If a deal looks too good to be true it probably is.